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NA meeting postponed

NA meeting postponed

The meeting of the National Assembly (NA) scheduled for today has been postponed without entering its business.  

The meeting was put off after the lawmakers of the main opposition party protested, standing from their respective seats.

NA Chairperson Narayan Prasad Dahal urged the opposition parties to facilitate running the Assembly business.

"We have not been able to discuss the policies and programs presented by the government for the coming fiscal year. We have not been able to carry out activities on the issues wanted by the people. The day to unveil the budget is coming closer. The NA should be more responsible to end parliament deadlock and a time has come to think on it," he mentioned.

NA Chairperson Dahal announced the postponement of today's meeting after the opposition parties continued with the obstruction.

The next meeting of the National Assembly will be at 11:30 am on Sunday.