Crafting eco-friendly utensils

The company is the sole manufacturer of Areca leaf plates in Nepal, and has been able to create quite a buzz for its innovative design and top-notch products. Its tagline of “Sustainable solution to plastic pollution” is revelatory. (Photo: Robin Neupane)

Prabin Dhungel

The campaign behind vehicle-free Thamel

One of the lead campaigners to make that happen was KTM Walks, which was initiated by activists who wanted to create more livable cities. At the root of this campaign, which started in 2007, is community engagement

Akriti Manandhar

North Korean racket

Most North Koreans in Nepal are on business (not work) visas, and the North Korean Embassy facilitates their stay and work here. The fear is that their investments could end up in the hands of the rough North Korean regime

Shambhu Kattel

Train to Kathmandu

The major flaw in the popular narrative is that it views Sino-Nepal ties as strengthening Nepal’s position vis-à-vis India and unnecessarily drags China into our bilateral relations with India

Trailokya Raj Aryal

High altitude rescue: Left for dead

When the news of her missing husband reached Chin’s wife, she contacted Global Rescue and asked it to mount a search and rescue. The insurer refused to help, saying her husband may have died and it was not liable (Photo : Wui Kin Chin/Facebook)


With the fate of federalism riding on it

A fair and equitable sharing of natural and fiscal resources among the three governments remains a challenge, but is a prerequisite for the effective functioning of the new federal model

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

KELME off to a good start in Nepal

With a cat paw as its emblem, which is supplemented by its motto of ‘Leave Your Mark’, KELME is a prominent European sport merchandise company created by Diego and José Quiles of Spain in 1963. KELME products have been sold around the world since 1977

Prabin Dhungel

Collective amnesia

The quake seems to have vanished from public memory, but the biggest amnesia can be seen among our officials responsible for disaster risk reduction and preparedness

John Narayan Parajuli

Who lost ‘Nipple’?

One of the central planets, the US, seems to be in ‘retrograde motion’ all of a sudden and hardly anyone has taken notice (PHOTO: RSS)

Trailokya Raj Aryal

On the eve of the President’s visit, how is Beijing...

Perhaps we can make the Chinese see that American presence in Nepal predates the start of the communist rule in their country. The Americans too could be more receptive to the idea of close cooperation between two age-old neighbors

Chandra Shekhar Adhikari

Traveling exhibition from Germany

Traveling exhibition from Germany (Photo: German Embassy)


The market for banquets still not saturated

"There are many options these days, but not many cannot guarantee the quality of services we offer" Aditya Sharma, the managing director of Amrapali Banquet. (Photo: Mahendra Khadka)

Sunny Mahat

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