Food a bigger worry than corona for Musahars

A few lucky ones are borrowing from friends and relatives to buy rations. But most of the others do not have anyone who would lend them money or rations


How long will the lockdown in Nepal continue?

No one should be surprised if the complexities of people-to-people ties and an open border between Nepal and India lead to a further extension to Nepal’s novel coronavirus lockdown

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Local governments in Nepal instructed to provide relief...

According to the KMC, all ward committees have been instructed to collect data of daily-wage workers, people living in the street, and those without shelter

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Nepal’s patchy healthcare system not built for pandemics

The provincial and local healthcare facilities are understaffed, and short of ideas. Even when they have budget they are incapable of procuring medicines and vaccines without federal-level supervision

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

APEX weekly brief

Here is the APEX weekly brief


Covid-19: To panic or not to panic, is the question...

Does Nepal now have active Covid-19 cases? No one can say for sure. But as the World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus put it in late February: “No country should assume it won’t get cases. That would be a fatal mistake,...

Arun Poudel

COVID-19: Provincial preparations in Nepal

There is no monitoring at 22 entry points from India in Province 2


COVID-19: Government resources in Nepal

International travelers are individually scrutinized at the TIA


A kidney transplant, and the corona scare

PM Oli will hopefully recover and take over the reins, and the worst of uncertainties can be avoided

Biswas Baral

South Korea embraces the BRI

South Korea plans to extend its railway line to China and Russia via North Korea, which will potentially have huge geopolitical impact in North-East Asia. The main obstacle to implementing South Korea's ‘New Economic Initiative’ is the slow progress...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

How dare you

We can see the unfolding furies and passions of people separating into two battle lines as Thunberg blows the conch shell over what may be the biggest battle of humanity

Sushma Joshi

Nepali-Chini bhai-bhai

How can they even see eye-to-eye, much less sign a pact of everlasting friendship and mutual learning? But even while the recent bonhomie between Nepal’s NCP and China’s CPC seems farfetched, they also have a lot in common The fear is that the NCP...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

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