Decolonizing museums, repatriating Nepali heritage

The Taleju Bhawani necklace displaced at the Art Institute of Chicago | Slok Gyawali

Slok Gyawali

Opinion | No need to fear China (for the next 20 years)

Despite the alarming news reports and Western think tanks’ analyses, China would want to resolve its issues with others without having to fire a single bullet

Trailokya Raj Aryal

Opinion | India’s Nepal policy: Time for reset

Deuba has an opportunity to reach out to India and establish an open and honest line of communication to discuss all the outstanding issues

Pragya Ghimire

Opinion | Mistrusting the MPs

Our constitution fails to dig deep and ask why legislators will act in such narrow self-interest

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | Angry country: A case for compassion

Consumed by an underlying rage, we have never been a tolerant lot. A banal, inconsequential thing can send us over the edge. Worse, those in power have always brandished their authority by raising their voices

Cilla Khatry

Opinion | Why your pooch needs pampering

It will be unfair to feed your dogs just leftovers from your kitchen, even though it is a regular practice in Nepal

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Nepal’s illiberal liberals and secularism

None of the pieces by democratic and liberal writers advocating secularism in the country calls for letting people decide whether they want a secular or a Hindu state

Trailokya Raj Aryal

Covid-19 Crisis: What is the way out for Nepal?

Nepal has failed to convince India that the delay in supplying the second dose of vaccines has fueled anti-Indian sentiment | CFP

Pragya Ghimire

Opinion | Stop this rot, now

Unless a new party establishes itself based on ruthless meritocracy and brings to power capable young leaders from diverse backgrounds Nepali politics will continue to decay

Dinkar Nepal

Expert opinion

A lot of times we search these YouTube videos when we are in dire need of solace. If you notice, these videos are made with a lot of psychological tricks

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Nepal’s transitional justice hurdle

At the core of Nepal’s current constitutional crisis is a deeper struggle over who will direct its transitional justice process

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | Who will fight for you?

Irresponsible government and geopolitical rivalry mean darker times ahead for Nepal unless the youth resolve to unite and act

Dinkar Nepal

Opinion | Chinese signals decoded

In our scholars’ parlance, China is playing the “Nepal card” in its relations with India

Trailokya Raj Aryal

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