Students as partners

Although there is ample evidence on the benefits of engaging students as partners in education, Nepal is yet to embrace this concept | PHOTO:

Sanjeev Dahal

Trade war and Nepal

While farm and other products from the dear neighbor enter Nepal without much hassles, most of our products find it pretty hard to make it through the border down south | PHOTO: APF

Devendra Gautam

Disband the UN

Members of a monied bureaucratic class dominated by Europeans, Americans, Australians and Japanese are posted at outposts throughout the world

Sushma Joshi

Helmet teaching alert

We see helmet teaching as an issue that calls for immediate attention due of its cyclical nature and manifold impacts. At the macro level, helmet teaching even impacts educational policies

Sanjeev Dahal and Roshani Dhamala

On ‘sustainable’ friendship

We should lobby for a government exchange program in which Nepali engineers are trained in solar and EV technologies in China

Sushma Joshi

Reimagining relations with China

Nepal cannot support any program of extradition of Tibetan refugees who are one of Nepal’s most hardworking communities

Sushma Joshi

Rethinking Nepal-China ties

We need to revive the idea of goods-carrying ropeways, which in the long run may be more viable than a railway through extremely mountainous areas of Tibet and Nepal. | AMN ARCHIVE

Sushma Joshi

Cultivating sensitivity

The traffic light was quickly turning green and I made my mind to help him cross the street and grabbed his arm. He shrugged my hands off and said, “I can manage”. I was awestruck.

Sanjeev Dahal

Walking the talk

The importance of a few demonstration projects in attracting infrastructure finance into Nepal cannot be overstated

John Narayan Parajuli

Pain of ideological decline

Madan Bhandari wanted to unearth the reasons behind the failure of the communist movement in Madhes. Unfortunately, no UML leader showed interest in this issue after his demise

Hridayesh Tripathi

Science is the problem

Modern science, touted as the solution to the plastic crisis and the fossil fuel debacle, is in fact the cause of our environmental problems

Sushma Joshi

Indo-Nepal ties: Work in progress

PM Oli seems worried that at least some elements of the Indian establishment are back to using their old bag of tricks in Nepal

Biswas Baral

Endangered species

With no ocean in Nepal, and with fires containing plastic burning pretty much 24/7 around town, why have we in Kathmandu simultaneously and without collusion decided to send the plastic straw into extinction?

Jackie Taylor

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