Opinion | Systemic dysfunction

Nepal’s youth have to brace up to rectify the country’s institutional failure, brick by brick, an institution at a time

Dinkar Nepal

Fond memories of my grandfather and Dashains past

On the day of Maha Navami, people journey to the kot ghars (this one is in Marbhung Maidana of Malika Rural Municipality). People from surrounding villages are watching animal sacrifice (Photo taken in 2066 BS) | Photo: Rajesh Poudel

Rajesh Poudel

Opinion | Unsanitary taxes

At the end of the day, the incompetent government should open its eyes to consider rebating the taxes, even if it cannot make the sanitary pads completely tax-free | Photo: Pratik Rayamajhi

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Raise electric vehicle taxes

There is a cost to reducing vehicle import duties when those taxes accounts for approximately 40 percent of all government income

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | The life-changing power of gratitude

Mental health issues aside, it’s often sheer unwillingness to value what we have that causes us so much pain. While cultivating a positive mindset could put an end to most of our worries and is thus really crucial, it’s easier said than done | Photos:...

Cilla Khatry

Afghan women's fate under the Taliban

A member of the Taliban watches as Afghan women hold placards during a protest in Herat, Afghanistan | Photo: AFP

Nilima Adhikari

Opinion | Race to stupidity

A cauliflower statue at Sidhuwa Bazar, Dhankuta | Photo: Ajaya Shrestha

Dinkar Nepal

Opinion | The legacy of MCC

A protest gathering of Nepal Communist Party in Kathmandu against the MCC compact | AMN Archives

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | Many ways we mourn

I was shocked when someone asked me not to eat at the mourning family’s house. Since, I have noticed a lot of people don’t eat at these places. They don’t even drink water

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Kathmandu: City of Garbage

Managing kitchen waste inside the house should be a no-compromise compulsion for urban living

Dinkar Nepal

MCC compact: Decide now

If the US does not revise the compact and if there is no broad political consensus, it is better to reject the compact than risk further instability

Pragya Ghimire

Opinion | ​​Prachanda-path 2.0

If Prachanda and his Maoist Center intend to govern, they must return to their roots and empower individuals and local communities

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | Let them grieve

I believe these items exist in every family, this set of few people who have to guide the family with the final rituals

Swarna Tamrakar

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