Karma isn’t a quick fix

Karma is not fate. It’s not destiny. Fate is a quick fix, karma is not

Arun Poudel

Did India really learn from Nepal blockade?

India, home to among the most astute geo-strategic thinkers over the ages starting with Kautilya, surely understands its indispensability to Nepal

Biswas Baral

Our solutions are in nature

Nepal will also need to establish a post-2020 roadmap which determines goals for biodiversity conservation, develops measurable indicators for the same, and identifies an array of actions to support the achievement of these goals

Dipesh Joshi

Education in the time of corona

Unequal access to high-speed internet is a big challenge for online education in Nepal, as the country exhibits a huge internet infrastructure differences among its regions

Sanjeev Dahal and Roshani Dhamala

The hard truth behind Kalapani

If Oli gets the message, perhaps the Indians will be amenable to a three-country solution over the Lipulekh route

Biswas Baral

Know impermanence, know the Buddha

The mind is a magnificent trickster. Somebody saw impermanence and the whole world changed

Arun Poudel

Saving the Nepali State

The strategy now seems to be to erode the political legitimacy of the government and the moral authority of the State

Bishal Thapa

Is Covid-19 ‘Act of God’ legally?

As the coronavirus pandemic brings unprecedented challenges, it’s also sure to disrupt countless contractual relationships

Arya Singh

Nepal’s lockdown reality check

What is our government’s exit strategy to support millions of young children, vulnerable women, unemployed disabled, and elderly?

Sushma Joshi

China crossing another ‘red-line’ in Nepal?

History suggests India will intervene when it feels the Chinese have crossed New Delhi’s self-defined ‘red line’

Biswas Baral

Thank God, we’re humans

Only the humans have the intellect to see the sufferings of life, and understand that they could be overcome

Arun Poudel

How will Dahal be the new Nepali PM?

If Dahal feels further marginalized in the Nepal Communist Party, and takes up leadership of new pro-identity coalition, he will have to mend fences with India

Biswas Baral

Nepal, India, and China’s ‘economic hegemony’

Indian meddling in South Asia is an old phenomenon, while the Chinese have only recently entered the fray

Biswas Baral

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