Nepal-China relations: Beware the dragon (Part I)

After the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the two countries in August 1955, China had perhaps never before shown this level of interest in managing Nepal's internal affairs

Shiva P. Tiwari

Serve: A modern monk’s counsel

We could do charity to come out of self-centeredness instead of being further buried in it. We could feed the people instead of our own egos

Arun Poudel

Declassified IPS, distraught Nepal

Rather than shun Americans and make them more reliant on India, it would be wiser for Nepal to keep them engaged

Biswas Baral

Why Oli has public support

With Prachanda’s immoral maneuverings still etched fresh in public mind, it's difficult for them to believe claims about his new struggle to save democracy

Dinkar Nepal

India not interfering in Nepal. Really?

In evaluating India’s role, we must also ask a fundamental question: what is New Delhi’s chief interest in Nepal right now?

Biswas Baral

Welcoming FDI in Nepali agriculture

Foreign investment in agriculture will not negatively impact farmers. They will rather get better prices for their products

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Don’t they grow up fast!

There is nothing quite like being on a date with someone who then turns out to be the son of someone you worked beside 19 years ago. And who most likely you met when he came along to visit daddy at work

Jackie Taylor

Nepal’s unfinished economic revolution

The dismantling of Kathmandu’s economic stranglehold is now the final piece in the genuine decentralization of Nepal

Bishal Thapa

Obituary: Farewell, Niru Baba

Late Niranjan Koirala at Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Sambridh Ghimire

Ramana Maharshi: Who am I?

The questioning is done consistently to such a degree that the question vanishes and everything the “I” associates itself with is dropped, leaving behind the bare, naked I-ness

Arun Poudel

China’s new game

What level of Chinese interests do we accommodate and still retain our democratic values?

Biswas Baral

APEX LONG READ: Afghanization of Nepal: Our mistakes

In October 1961, Mao Zedong met with King Mahendra and his Queen Ratna at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China. Photo courtesy: Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu

Trailokya Raj Aryal

Nepali tourism in crisis

Nepal's politicians instead brought in a bigger disaster. With the parliament dissolved, all investors, including in the tourism sector, are jittery again

Dinkar Nepal

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