Rescuing bulbul nestlings

An ominous-looking house crow seemed bent on snatching the bulbul nestlings from the nest

Ravi M Singh

Nepal’s growing environmental inequity

There could be specific programs targeting marginalized workers such as the provision of health insurance

Niraj Khatiwada

China’s new troubles in Nepal

China understands the importance of having a left government in Kathmandu to address its security and economic concerns

Nihar R. Nayak

Local polls takeaways

This local elections have, to an extent, washed away the old ethnic divide between Madhesi and hill people

Binod Kumar Bhattarai

Five reasons I cycle

One of the best cardio workouts, cycling combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Ravi M Singh

Navigating ‘difficult conversations’

‘Difficult conversations’ are inevitable, but we cannot grow if we avoid them

Sagar Satyal

Dealing with demi-gods due south

The demi-gods of the Indraprastha have begun moving northwards to build multipurpose projects

Devendra Gautam

Nepal’s religious diplomacy with India

There is a strong case for avoiding the religionization of politics and the politicization of religion

Pragya Ghimire

Stumbling upon the goodness of garlic

When I first got it five years ago, I saw a doctor. "That's early gastritis," said my doctor and handed me a prescription

Ravi M Singh

For a new destiny

Let’s turn our collective anger into wisdom. This time, let’s vote for Nepal, the Nepalis and a new destiny

Devendra Gautam

An audience with a septuagenarian lady

Although creases and crow’s feet appeared on her face, she looked hands down hale and hearty for her age

Ravi M Singh

Snapshot of Nepal’s pangolin trade

The NPWC Act provisions for fines or one to ten year jail for those involved in illegal wildlife trade

Nikita Phuyal


Between the grim winter and the sweltering summer, there always is a brief window when flowers of all sorts bloom and life seems a little more bearable despite its absurdities | Photo: Sunita Dangol/ApEx

Devendra Gautam

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