Facebook ‘Memories’

I hate Facebook as it keeps coming up with those “Memories”. Memories of what you were doing this day last year, or the year before, or the year before that. Stretching all the way back to 2009 in my case

Jackie Taylor

Mira, a miracle on earth

But how can it be possible? How can a snake turn into a flower garland? How can one just gulp down the deadliest poison and not get harmed?

Arun Poudel

Death for rapists? Not in Nepal

A democratic Nepal has been forced to consider this radical option, partly as people here are losing their trust in the government

Biswas Baral

Holding Nepal to account

Our development partners like the IMF and the World Bank should rethink about funneling money into our state coffers without due diligence of service delivery

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Changing Nepal, without leaders

Maybe we don’t need to become the president, or prime minister, or someone with formal authority to change the system

Bishal Thapa

Nepal’s pandemic-time economic focus

The first priority should be employment generation so as to ensure all households can meet their basic needs. But doing so may compromise economic growth and contribute to inflation

Mukunda Prasad Sharma

QUAD pro quo, Nepal?

Just as Nepal, a key BRI member, has been invited to play a pivotal role in the Indo-Pacific Strategy, it will in time be asked to support the Quad

Biswas Baral

The beginnings of PEN Nepal

PEN Nepal’s proudest moment came when it became the first Third World Center to become a member of PEN’s prestigious Writers in Prison Committee, a movement predating Amnesty International

Greta Rana

Missing: Nepal’s Lee Kwan Yew

BP Koirala has become the most-hyped leader in Nepal with very less impact and hardly a legacy to speak for him

Dinkar Nepal

Tube wells to solar-powered hydro

President Bidhya Bhandari conferring Janasewa Shree award on Hari Bhandary

Jackie Taylor

One with God, Rabia

Rabia of Basra, an eighth-century Sufi saint

Arun Poudel

Nepal’s dwindling clout abroad

King Mahendra and Queen Ratna spent three days visiting the US in May 1960. Here with President Eisenhower and his wife at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington/ Source: bilder-aus-nepal.de

Biswas Baral

Let money flow

Extending credit to firms and individuals with solid ideas should be the new normal. It is best to let money circulate through the veins of nation’s economy

Bhoj Raj Poudel

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