Nepal: Debt without reforms

Financing debt without adequate policy reforms is a bit like financing the gambler

Bishal Thapa

BIMSTEC: For what?

The onus is on India to show it is serious about regional trade and connectivity

Biswas Baral

What good is Nepali democracy?

We all need to ask, what's so good about having the vote in societies with weak institutions? The answer is, nothing

Trailokya Raj Aryal

Diplomatic License: Looking at Myanmar from Nepal

What should be the grounds for foreign intervention in Nepal on humanitarian grounds?

Biswas Baral

Cancelling conflict with non-duality

Actually, there is no two at all—there is no ‘I’ and others. We are all flimsy compartments of one big whole separated by these illusory I’s!

Arun Poudel

Controlling forest fires in Nepal

Every day, when we see flames rising with the night lights, why doesn’t our heart burn?

Anisha Bidari

Nepal’s road to Bangladesh

The old axiom that Nepal will not look to play off India against China is repeated so often precisely because we are not being completely honest

Biswas Baral

Nepal’s local development: The great divide

Marred by misplaced priorities, Nepal is wasting its resources and a rare demographic dividend

Dinkar Nepal

QUAD, South Asia, and Nepal

The QUAD’s consolidation will also have a direct impact on smaller countries near India and China

Biswas Baral

Ayurvedic that kills

It is ironic that with such poor health and safety standards, and a production process that is poisoning its neighbours, Singha Durbar Vaidyakhana aims to enhance the health of its customers

Bishal Thapa

Zakaria’s post-pandemic world and Nepal

Remember the daily Ministry of Health Covid-19 bulletins? A dour-faced person reading out hard numbers did not inspire much confidence

Biswas Baral

Buddha Dharma: Coming out of the I-loop

The original cause of suffering is the ‘I-ness’ or the ego that we are deeply attached to

Dipankar Khanna

Opinion: Complaining without committing

Talented, privileged, and capable young intellectuals in Nepal are taking the easy route of collective negligence and complaining

Dinkar Nepal

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