Geopolitics returning to Nepal—soon

If the current communist regime is seen as continuing to cozy up to Beijing, and resisting the IPS, the search for the regime’s alternative will intensify

Biswas Baral

Traditional wisdom triumphs in Nepal

It occurred to me that nobody in the West washes their hands before or after eating. Cutlery has given the West a sense of immunity. They would be appalled at the idea of eating with hands, as they assume their civilizational habits are supreme

Sushma Joshi

Covid-19: Lunar virus

But the virus will disappoint us, for sure. It does not know borders, because it did not create them

Arun Poudel

Covid-19: To panic or not to panic, is the question...

Does Nepal now have active Covid-19 cases? No one can say for sure. But as the World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus put it in late February: “No country should assume it won’t get cases. That would be a fatal mistake,...

Arun Poudel

Healing Nepal's economy

Half the remittance to Nepal could be blocked due to the ban on entering destinations such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Top six things to do with toilet paper

Use your hoarded toilet paper to create a barrier between yourself and outside world—for insulation I mean. But of course if you don’t get on with your neighbors you could always use it to block off your windows and gate to keep nosey parkers out too

Jackie Taylor

Creating inclusive spaces in Nepal

Providing access to and including persons with disabilities in classrooms are representative of the numerous steps that need to be taken to support them in their everyday lives

Sanjeev Dahal

Nepal-China relations: Controlling the corona narrative

The focus of Chinese foreign policy in this time is to establish that Xi handled the corona crisis as well as (if not better than) anyone else could have

Biswas Baral

Bangladesh-Bhutan-Nepal-India motor vehicle agreement:...

Even without Bhutan, the motor vehicle agreement could generate huge economic dividends for the region

Anjali Gupta

Living only gets purer

Things do not change for an enlightened person. Only how they see changes

Arun Poudel

Padayatra : The walkers still fighting for social justice

The Padayatra team saw that while on the surface equality tends to be practiced, caste discrimination still exists. They came across many excuses for this continued practice

Jackie Taylor

Loneliness among elderly growing social problem in...

This ‘calming touch’ of friends and family has traditionally been a characteristic of the Nepali society. But that is not necessarily true these days. The family bond is much valued in Nepal, and its absence becomes glaring and a major cause of sorrow,...

Arun Poudel

Coronavirus and Nepal: Imbalance brings disease

How then can a dangerous pandemic like the coronavirus not take hold? The environment itself is deranged and out of balance—how can it support healthy life?

Sushma Joshi

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