Double standards on Crimea

A jubilant crowd waits for the results of a referendum in the Crimean city of Sevastopol on 16 March 2014 | Photo: TIME

Dmitry Aksenov

Opinion | Nepal as a bridge between India and China

No alternative land trade route between India and China has been identified beside the Nathu-La Pass, which is inconvenient due to its high altitude and recent border disputes

Dron Lamichhane

Opinion | Thrifting: The Nepali way

Even I do impulsive buying. And with that, I started practicing one rule, “if it doesn’t fit me for two years, I give it away. If I don’t wear it for three years, I give it away”

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | A story of struggle

Watching my 58-year-old mother who had to drop out of the school in grade three 45 years ago confidently walk on to the stage and talk to a hall-full of audience was an immensely moving experience

Dinkar Nepal

Sexual violence: A personal experience

Research shows that worldwide one in three women have been sexually violated at least once in their lives. I was one of them

Priyanjali Karn

Opinion | Nepal losing its Hindu adherents

A Christian Dalit taking part in a church service in Lapa village, Dhading | AFP

Mim Bahadur Pariyar

Opinion | A toot for Tootle

While lifting lives of all these riders and their families, these services have prevented women from all those incidents of sexual assaults and groping in public vehicles

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Alternative politics: Is there still hope?

Populist politics and no tolerance for dissent means a demise of the alternative political movement

Dinkar Nepal

How South Asian states are managing Chinese influence

We found that contrary to popular discourse, partner countries such as Nepal wield considerable agency, learning from their experiences and that of others in the region

Deep Pal & Saheb Singh Chadha

Opinion | Dealing with new Afghanistan, a Nepali perspective

Tightening of the land border, especially in cooperation with India, should be our top priority. Similarly, we should beef up scrutiny against suspicious international arrivals by air

Balmukunda Regmi

Opinion | Nepal’s COP26 commitments

The prime minister’s COP26 commitments on climate should be welcomed. But Nepal must also ensure that its policies and investments serve the poor as well | Getty Images

Bishal Thapa

Opinion | Dangerous morning walks

The final group of morning-walkers consists of “the uncle gang”: men who are my dad’s age (70-80), nicely dressed in branded tracks and sneakers, and most likely retired jolly good fellas | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi

Swarna Tamrakar

Opinion | Hard lessons of history

If we neglect the lessons that history taught us at great cost, we will have to pay with sweat and blood, again | Photo: RSS

Dinkar Nepal

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