Invoking external enemies

When their failure as responsible democratic actors becomes impossible to hide, they like to invoke the evil designs of foreign forces

Biswas Baral

Stop and change course

The power of stopping is amazing. But we can’t do it because we don’t know how

Arun Poudel

Unknowns of Covid-19 infection

The big flaw of RT-PCR is that although it is good at identifying Covid-19, it cannot differentiate whether the virus is dead or alive

Anup K.C.

Could Nepal be third front in India-China war?

Nepal has not read China’s intentions in the South Asian region and it will seriously suffer if it falls prey to Chinese advances to turn it into a third front in a Sino-Indian war / PHOTO: PTI

Atul K Thakur

Is Lord Ram paving Oli’s path to immortality?

If Oli still believed he had a realistic chance of prolonging his political career beyond the term of the current government, he would not have broken all channels with India

Biswas Baral

‘Request culture’ downers during live music

If you see a jazz band performing at a bar, you DON’T pester them to play Narayan Gopal just because ‘the band members are Nepalis, and every Nepali musician should know how to play Narayan Gopal’

Sunny Mahat

Nepali elites sans devotion or dignity

As Nepal lacks an elite class that can stand for its dignity, and political forces deeply committed to their ideologies, all the political experiments here have backfired

Dinkar Nepal

Decolonizing the planet

Nepali communists, inspired by spaghetti highways Chinese Communists boast of, have smashed up our fragile mountains to build “pakki” roads

Sushma Joshi

Building safer roads for Nepal

Disastrous floods resulting from poor road construction will be a straight punch in the gut of poor farmers, adding injury to their insult

Milan Katuwal

MCC debate: A personal narrative

Nepal’s strategy of using cross-border lines for imports in the short term and exports in the long term was a high-stakes gamble

Bishal Thapa

Happy rebirth, every moment

Rebirth in terms of physical body may be distant. But in terms of mind, it is instant

Arun Poudel

On the conduct of Chinese envoy to Nepal

Why blame the Chinese envoy when it is our own leaders who are throwing their doors open for her, any time, any day?

Biswas Baral

Protecting Nepal’s economically vulnerable

The question of how the government should address the needs of its citizens, especially the economically vulnerable ones, becomes a monumental one

Niraj Khatiwada and Sudhigya Pant

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