Political Briefing | Hard to escape the (Nepali) surveillance...

Nepali VVIPs’ phones have long been snooped on. The cat came out of the bag during Lokman Singh Karki’s tenure as CIAA chief

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | Can Deuba beat the odds?

The big danger is of a power vacuum if Deuba loses the vote of confidence and fails to conduct elections on time—and this is a real possibility | Reuters

Biswas Baral

Political briefing | Nepal’s pick: BRI or B3W?

But why do we need to choose? Let the two initiatives compete to win over our trust

Biswas Baral

Hold Nepali politicians to account

Perhaps what Nepal needs is a figurative demise of dishonourable, untrustworthy, corrupt netas. That demise can only begin if the average Nepali decides to stop being a marionette

Shreya Soni

Political Briefing | Learning (or not) from China

Can we cherry-pick the merit-worthy aspects of modern-day China while blocking out its ugly facets?

Biswas Baral

Politics | Nepal’s local bodies again prove their worth

Bhupendra Rai, chairperson of Diprung Chuichumma Rural Municipality, Khotang carrying a Covid-19 patient on his shoulder

Ashok Dahal

Political Briefing | Don’t count Oli out just yet

KP Oli’s political obituary has been written many times in the past, and each time he has made a roaring comeback

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | When foreigners shape Nepal’s...

The course of Nepali domestic politics is largely determined from the outside, chiefly New Delhi

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | Clubhouse of Nepal

Social media app Clubhouse is sparking the vital political and social debates that the pandemic had made impossible

Biswas Baral

Political briefing: The unraveling of Madhesi unity

The Mahanta Thakur faction breaking away and joining the Oli government may be pure electoral calculation

Biswas Baral

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