KP Oli’s embrace of Hinduism and Hindu state agenda

When Prime Minister Oli visited Pashupatinath in January, he became the first incumbent communist PM to do so. The prime minister also declared that the government would donate to the temple 101 kg of gold. Oli then announced a temple at Ram’s alleged...

Sunny Mahat

How is the Chinese script unfolding in Nepal?

According to foreign affairs analysts, frustrations over delays in meeting expectations has resulted in a trust-deficit between Oli and Chinese side. But the Chinese have learned not to put all their eggs in a single basket, some say

Ashok Dahal

Obstacles, confusion galore over the election of new...

Neither NCP faction can claim government leadership without the support of Nepali Congress. But the jury is still out on whether NC will support an NCP faction or itself claim leadership

Ashok Dahal

Why Pushpa Kamal Dahal repeatedly finds himself alone

Dahal’s critics say his first preference while making important appointments are his immediate family members

Ashok Dahal

Is KP Oli staying on, or will the SC verdict be his...

Political analyst Lok Raj Baral doubts Oli’s confidants in key state organs will support him when he finds himself in difficulty. “During the time of the second Jana Andolan, the office-bearers of state organs didn’t support the monarch who had a 250-year...

Ashok Dahal

Is KP Oli plotting a saffron revolution in Nepal?

Prime Minister KP Oli has in recent times tried to project himself as a guardian of all the protesting youths dissatisfied with the country’s secular status. His outlining of Nepal’s historical connections to Hinduism, his worship at Pashupati Temple,...

Ashok Dahal

House dissolution: A step towards the constitution’s...

KP Oli signs on a copy of the new constitution in parliament on 18 September 2015 | Reuters

Ashok Dahal

Rs 100 billion: The cost of Nepal’s next parliamentary...

The state’s expenses in the upcoming parliamentary election are expected to cross Rs 20 billion. Adding the expenses of candidates and parties, the total spending could exceed Rs 100 billion

Ashok Dahal

Whose Nepal Communist Party is it anyway?

The commission’s invalidation of both claims may technically unite the NCP. However, a de facto unity is unlikely in the bitterly divided party. What next then? Another option will be to claim support of 40 percent lawmakers or majority central committee...

Ashok Dahal

NCP student leaders can’t but support their own patrons

As is the case with top party leadership, student leaders are bitterly divided on recent events. Most blame the leaders of rival factions, and each is busy protesting its own case

Nishan Khatiwada

Five eventful years of Nepal’s new constitution

The then President Ram Baran Yadav unveils Nepal’s new constitution on 20 Sept 2015

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Why is Nepal drafting a new foreign policy?

Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali says changes in geopolitics and international politics should be reflected in Nepal’s foreign policy, offering the example of the emergence of a multi-polar world and rise of China and India

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Getting Nepal’s flawed transitional justice process...

Conflict victims and human rights defenders lighting candles at Maitighar, Kathmandu, in memory of those ‘disappeared’ during the conflict /Amnesty International Nepal

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

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