Diplomatic License | Post-Aukus challenges for Nepal

There could be more nudges from the south to green-light American projects, MCC Compact most importantly | Photo: AP

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | New foreign minister, new course?

Narayan Khadka has limited room for maneuver and he won’t be able to help Deuba much

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | The US failure on MCC compact

Why are the Americans hesitating to admit the MCC has retrospectively been made a part of the IPS and yet it is still in Nepal’s favor?

Biswas Baral

Political briefing | Deuba’s diplomacy of expedience

The Chinese could make Deuba’s life difficult if he continues to be seen as pushing the American agenda

Biswas Baral

Political briefing | Foreign policy debates in Nepal....

Could it be that as the geopolitical map is permanent, you cannot change a country’s foreign policy priorities?

Biswas Baral

Political Briefing | Victory of Chinese diplomacy?

The Taliban’s political chief, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meet in Tianjin in July 2021 | Reuters

Biswas Baral

Afghan lessons for Nepal

If the Nepali state wants to learn from Afghanistan, there is much to internalize. If it doesn’t, the country will eventually suffer | AP


Political Briefing | Who’s celebrating Taliban victory?

There is no shortage of commentators, including in Nepal, who are celebrating the Taliban’s ‘liberation’ of Afghanistan

Biswas Baral

The way ahead for BRI in Nepal

In a broader sense, the BRI has been a success in Nepal. Encouraged by the initiative, Chinese investors have thronged to Nepal. China has topped other countries in FDI commitments for six successive years

Zhou Shengping

Political Briefing | Nepal’s rightwing fallacy

The question is, which part of the current political system is unique to Nepal?

Biswas Baral

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