KELME off to a good start in Nepal

With a cat paw as its emblem, which is supplemented by its motto of ‘Leave Your Mark’, KELME is a prominent European sport merchandise company created by Diego and José Quiles of Spain in 1963. KELME products have been sold around the world since 1977

Prabin Dhungel

The market for banquets still not saturated

"There are many options these days, but not many cannot guarantee the quality of services we offer" Aditya Sharma, the managing director of Amrapali Banquet. (Photo: Mahendra Khadka)

Sunny Mahat

Tasty treats from two BBA graduates

The brainchild of home-based chefs Prayash Pradhan and Goldie Shrestha, Meals on Wheels is based on Instagram app through which you can order your food. You provide your details (contact number, location) and your meal will arrive soon

Prayas Tiwari

Our children need not go abroad for education

In a country where the government-run educational institutions are generally shunned, private schools have been trying to fill the quality gap

Sunny Mahat

‘Super food’ from Sara

Sara Foods is the brainchild of Pandey, who grew up among farmers in the agriculturally-rich Kapilvastu district. This gave him firsthand knowledge of how crops and vegetables are produced and how some farmers use chemicals to enhance their produces

Sunny Mahat

Common folks suffer as forex reserves fall

In the first seven months of 2018/19, foreign exchange reserves depleted by nearly 6 percent ($590 million), to $9.49 billion, enough to cover import of goods and services for no more than eight months

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Royal Alina’s, now 17 and expanding

The distinctive feature of newly revamped outlets of the Royal Alina’s Bakery Cafe are the intricately detailed murals showing landscapes, villages, and the overall majestic beauty of Nepal (Photo: Mahendra Khadka)

Prabin Dhungel

Expect more women decision makers in banking

Also known to have a higher female to male ratio of employees than most of its competitors, Mega Bank appointed veteran banker Anupama Khunjeli as its CEO in April 2018, making her the first female CEO of a Class “A” bank in Nepal. Khunjeli, who started...

Sunny Mahat

Why good economic growth will be hard to sustain

Based on the imports of six months, foreign exchange holdings of the banking sector is sufficient to cover prospective merchandise and services imports of only 7-8 months.

Pushpa Raj Acharya

SUVs in Mahindra DNA

With iconic products like the Scorpio and Bolero plying the country’s terrains from east to west, Mahindra’s presence in Nepal is helped by Agni’s extensive network of 45 dealers and branches

Sunny Mahat

Giving back to Nepal

Nepal Foods imports lentils, flour, pickles, beans, tea and spices, all produced in Nepal, to the UK with international standard packaging and globally accepted labeling

Sunny Mahat

Setting the eco-friendly trend

Puaqua claims to be the first Nepali company to make fashionable and wearable high-quality nettle-wear mixed with fine fabric

Akriti Manandhar

Banks’ high lending rates weigh heavy on many

In the first six months of this fiscal, banks’ deposits increased by Rs 168 billion (up 7 percent) against their loan mobilization of Rs 245 billion (up 12 percent), which is at the root of the problem

Pushpa Raj Acharya

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