Nepal SBI Bank still misusing employees’ money

Nepal SBI management had agreed to refund the employees’ money it had deposited with the SSF, but now the bank has reneged on its promise. It continues to deduct employees’ salary and deposit the amount in the SSF


Can Nepal be self-reliant on flowers? Definitely

The demand for flowers in Nepal went up by 15 percent in the past two years, but production has been unable to keep pace | Photos: ApEx Archives

Pratik Ghimire

NIC Asia into unlawful practices

NIC Asia’s increase in FD rates to above 10 percent has increased its cost of funds and put its borrowers in the line of fire


Strange silence on Sanima’s governance flaws

The NRB report had said that board members, investors and high-level officials of the bank invested in Sanima Hydropower, Sanima Mai Hydropower and Sanima Life Insurance companies in a possible conflict of interest


Central bank flags NCC Bank’s wrongdoing

The central bank had directed NCC to consider the bank's size and the volume of its business before adding further financial burden on itself


The iconic Jeep Wrangler launched in Nepal

The most instantly identified vehicle in the world, Jeep Wrangler comes in both two-door and four door


High consumer spending will be a boon for the economy

We have modified our economy a little this time and decided to give funds to a certain group of people to change the status quo

Uma Shankar Prasad

Tourism | Headed towards normalcy

This is not just the season for festivals and holidays, October and November also offer the perfect weather for trekking, the most exciting activity for tourists in Nepal

Deepak Raj Joshi

Entrepreneurship | Pandemic made many businesses more...

New small-scale businesses had to face huge barriers due to the ongoing crisis. But I believe being able to get through the crisis already gives them a sense of invincibility

Tshering Lama

Leapfrog starts tech education survey

Students of computer science, working professionals and under graduates in the subject, are requested to take part in this survey


Foreign tourists return to Sauraha

The recent government decision to issue on-arrival visas to foreign tourists has also rekindled hope among the businessmen of Sauraha

Anil Dhakal

Nepal SBI Bank misusing employee money

Before the government rolled out the SSF, Nepal SBI employees participated in the Employees’ Provident Fund. But the bank has also stopped sending money to the fund


Yeti Airlines completes 23rd year of service

Yeti has played an important role of delivering food, medicines and clothing to residents of areas not connected by road


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