The ultimate hangout place for anime lovers

The goal is to serve the foods shown in anime. Most of the ingredients are Japanese, but with an added Nepali touch. The anime vibe is everywhere: the small lay tables, the cushions, the paintings, all designed with Naruto themes (Photo: Robin Neupane)

Sadikshya Shrestha

Buy on the rumor, sell on the news

Buyers jostled each other to place pre-order at 10:30 am the next day. When the clock struck 11:00, the floodgates opened. Buy orders overwhelmingly surpassed sell orders. The price shot up in a geometric ratio in no time

Manil Shrestha

The heady helmet market

The largest change in market trend over time has been customers’ increasing preference for quality over price. Youngsters today are increasingly aware of the importance of a good helmet (Photo: Mahendra Khadka)

Prayas Tiwari

Biz Briefs...

Ruslan wins Grand Gold Quality Award, CG discounts on Super Carry, Hotel Yak & Yeti contributes to World Environment Day


Things to know about the new budget

Entry of multiple large-scale hydropower scrips in the secondary market will reduce the current dependency of the index on one particular banking sub-index

Manil Shrestha

‘Paaila’ aims for global footprint

Many assume these robots are imported or have only been assembled in Nepal. But they are actually manufactured, in toto, by Paaila Technology, Nepal’s first robotics and artificial intelligence company with the intent of commercially selling robots


Secondary market for future returns

Smart ones always look for avenues to diversify their holdings. They try to make their money smarter by making it work more efficiently for them. Starting a business venture could be one of the options

Manil Shrestha

Preparations for Visit Nepal 2020 going strong

After the official start of the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, the organizing committee under Suraj Vaidya has stepped up its promotion efforts


Crafting eco-friendly utensils

The company is the sole manufacturer of Areca leaf plates in Nepal, and has been able to create quite a buzz for its innovative design and top-notch products. Its tagline of “Sustainable solution to plastic pollution” is revelatory. (Photo: Robin Neupane)

Prabin Dhungel

Nepali chocolates find international markets

Ecstasy’s international standard flavors, hand-crafted packaging and glocal focus make it stand out from its Nepali counterparts

Prabin Dhungel

KELME off to a good start in Nepal

With a cat paw as its emblem, which is supplemented by its motto of ‘Leave Your Mark’, KELME is a prominent European sport merchandise company created by Diego and José Quiles of Spain in 1963. KELME products have been sold around the world since 1977

Prabin Dhungel

The market for banquets still not saturated

"There are many options these days, but not many cannot guarantee the quality of services we offer" Aditya Sharma, the managing director of Amrapali Banquet. (Photo: Mahendra Khadka)

Sunny Mahat

Tasty treats from two BBA graduates

The brainchild of home-based chefs Prayash Pradhan and Goldie Shrestha, Meals on Wheels is based on Instagram app through which you can order your food. You provide your details (contact number, location) and your meal will arrive soon

Prayas Tiwari

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