Political stability no panacea for Nepal

Some countries have been able to achieve high growth with stable governments and some are performing badly even with regime stability

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Nepal’s low debt-to-GDP ratio provides room for policy...

Protecting people from losing jobs and incomes, and viable companies from bankruptcy, will help prevent this pandemic from imposing long-lasting damage to the economy

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Nepal on the precipice of poverty

Nepal government is taking ad hoc measures instead of coming up with a firm strategy to sustain the national economy

Bhoj Raj Poudel

IMF debt relief for Nepal

Issuing a statement on April 14, Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director, said the debt relief for low-income countries like Nepal would help them cope with the Covid-19 crisis

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Making sense of the geek share market talk

Support is a price or index level in the chart where the price/index has higher probability of finding support as it falls. As the price starts to fall, buyers feel the scrip is getting cheaper. Resistance is the opposite of support level. As the price...

Manil Shrestha

Covid-19: An opportunity to kick-start Nepal’s digital...

The current crisis is opportunity to change the traditional Nepali society into an e-society by supporting innovative tech companies through public private partnerships

Sunil KC

Coronavirus relief in Nepal: Poor packaging

The relief package that is short on specific appears to be no more than a political slogan of a distributive government

Bhoj Raj Poudel

The allure of online shopping in Nepal during the pandemic

Just before the lockdown, e-commerce platforms Sastodeal and Daraz had seen an increased traffic to their sites and got more orders. Delivery has been a problem since the start of the lockdown though

Arun Poudel

COVID-19 and the equity market in Nepal

The confidence level of investors and traders has hit a low and this is reflected in the declining volume of trading

Manil Shrestha

Healing Nepal's economy

Half the remittance to Nepal could be blocked due to the ban on entering destinations such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Coca-Cola’s tribute to women empowerment in Nepal

The program aims to provide Nepali women retailers with the skills, techniques and tools required to succeed in the dynamic retail setup of Nepal


Ventures cafe: An affordable cafe in Kathmandu

One of the largest selections of beer available in Nepal,” the Ventures Café boasts on its Facebook page


Corona threat: Nepali private sector look to the government...

Coronavirus threatens to tip the global economy into recession. Against this backdrop, Nepal has done little to sustain its industries, businesses and to retain jobs

Pushpa Raj Acharya

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