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Nepal-India border points to be closed for 60 hours

Nepal-India border points to be closed for 60 hours

The Nepal-India border points in Kapilvastu are to remain closed for 60 hours from 6 am today in view of the Loksabha elections in Siddharthanagar of India on Saturday.

Deputy Chief District Officer Bhabishwor Ghimire said that the border points will be closed from 6 am today to 6 pm on Saturday keeping in mind the security sensitivity of the election.

The movement of vehicles and people will be completely curbed in Krishnanagar, Maryadpur, Chakarchauda and Shiwalawa of the district.

A meeting of the chief of Siddharthanagar district of India, Chief District Officer of Kapilvastu, chiefs of security agencies had decided to close the border points in order to prevent the activities affecting the election.

However, in case of emergencies, the border can be reopened through a mutual agreement during the official closure, Chief District Officer Ghimire said.

“The India side helps us by closing border points during the elections in Nepal also,” Ghimire said, adding, “We also closed the border crossings to help India hold the elections in a free and fair manner.”