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Clean paws, clear paths: Responsible dog ownership in Kathmandu’s shared spaces

Clean paws, clear paths: Responsible dog ownership in Kathmandu’s shared spaces

In our thriving communities, where green spaces offer solace and shared environments foster companionship, responsible dog ownership becomes paramount. While the joy of canine companionship is undeniable, it comes with the duty to ensure that our furry friends leave no trace behind, especially in areas frequented by neighbors.

Owning a dog is not solely a personal choice; it entails committing to a larger social fabric. When dog owners take the responsibility to clean up after their pets, they contribute to a cleaner and more pleasant environment for everyone. This simple act fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility. Despite the shared understanding of pet care responsibilities, a few individuals choose to shroud their actions in the obscurity of night, neglecting their dogs' needs until the late hours. The consequence? A morning revelation for neighbors who wake to find dog waste left unattended, right at their doorsteps or in open areas nearby.

A local resident, expressing the sentiments of many, shares, “I have witnessed numerous instances of people discarding their dogs' waste in open areas. Sometimes, they even choose to do this thoughtlessly right in front of our homes, creating an unsightly and unsanitary situation for those of us living nearby.”

This revelation raises significant questions about the commitment of a few dog owners to the well-being and cleanliness of the community. In a neighborhood where shared spaces contribute to the overall quality of life, responsible pet ownership is not merely a suggestion but an essential obligation.

Aditi Parajuli

AS Level

Chelsea International Academy