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Veda: The go-to app for virtual learning

Veda: The go-to app for virtual learning

Veda started as an educational communication app designed to connect schools and parents in 2016. 

“Back in 2015, school teachers used to send notes to the parents via students as phone calls were rarely answered. So we built the app to bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents,” says Nirdesh Dwa, co-founder and CEO of Veda.

Five years down the line, Veda app has evolved drastically. Today, the platform aids over 800 schools across Nepal and a few top schools in Brunei and Bangladesh not just as a communication tool, but also as an all-in-one digital platform for school management.  

The app also integrated Zoom to facilitate virtual learning following the covid pandemic.  

“Originally, Veda was not envisioned to be an app that students use for virtual classes, but with schools going digital, we had to adapt,” says Dwa. The user-base of Veda grew exponentially–by almost 175 percent–after the pandemic’s onset.

“We had approximately 300 clients before, but after the pandemic, we gained an additional 500 clients in a matter of a few months,” says Dwa.

When the app first exploded in popularity, its creators thought that it was just a temporary thing, that its growth would slow when the pandemic petered out. 

But the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the lockdowns was so high at the time that more and more schools began adopting the Veda app for  virtual learning.  

There are more than 24,000 public and over 60,000 private schools in Nepal. A large majority of these schools and their students lack resources and technical knowledge required to run virtual classes. During the covid lockdowns, barring the schools in city areas that were mostly private, thousands of schools could not teach their students.    

The co-founders of Veda expect more schools across the country to invest in internet infrastructure so that children can have access to virtual learning.    

“This is the right time for schools to go digital. Schools benefit from this in many ways including the reduction of operating costs. More importantly, children will not miss their classes,” says Dwa. 

Veda has set the target of expanding its service to 1,200 schools in the country by the end of this fiscal. It is also working to introduce its service in several South Asian and African countries. 

Establishment year: 2016
Founder:  Nirdesh Dwa, Sujit Pathak, Sanjan Piya
Service location: All over Nepal
Contact: 9801856402, 9801856400
Website link here