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Mind Matters | Low on energy

Mind Matters | Low on energy

I’m a 15-year-old girl and I must admit that I’m very lazy. I put things off till the last minute and sometimes don’t even do important tasks. This makes me look bad at school and people don’t trust me when I say I will do something. I want to change but I have no motivation whatsoever. I just want to sleep or watch TV all the time. Please help.

Answered by Kapil Sharma, counseling psychologist, Nepal Institute of Mental Health 

In the journey of cultivating a positive mindset, it’s vital to integrate practices that foster self-compassion and understanding. When reflecting on your emotions, practice self-compassion by acknowledging that facing challenges is a universal part of life; it’s entirely okay to experience them. This approach helps create a space for acceptance and growth, recognizing that emotions, including those tied to demotivation, are natural aspects of the human experience.

As you move forward and seek healing through the process, extend the same kindness to yourself that you would offer to a friend facing similar challenges. Celebrate your strengths and acknowledge the progress you make, emphasizing the positive steps you take on your journey. This self-celebration contributes to building a nurturing environment, fostering resilience and self-love.

When exploring the causes of demotivation, maintain a gentle curiosity. Adopting this approach allows you to understand the factors at play without engaging in self-blame. By focusing on understanding rather than judgment, you pave the way for a constructive analysis that can lead to effective solutions.

Crafting a daily routine is an additional facet of fostering a positive mindset. In your routine, incorporate self-care activities such as mindfulness, exercise, or engaging in hobbies you enjoy. Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being, recognizing that a balanced routine contributes significantly to overall positivity and motivation.

By intertwining these practices of self-compassion, a celebration of progress, curiosity, and a mindful routine into your journey, you lay the groundwork for a positive mindset. Remember, each step you take in this direction contributes not only to personal growth but also to increased resilience and motivation in both academic and personal pursuits.


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