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Time to fortify digital security

Time to fortify digital security

The geo-digital situation of Nepal is highly vulnerable as much as the geo-political situation is. Apart from a long diplomatic influence, Nepal is directly or indirectly under geo-tech influence at present. While the government banned TikTok a few weeks back, China has expressed displeasure over it suspecting that Nepal could be influenced due to geopolitical factors. The possibility of Nepal imposing curbs on other social media platforms cannot be ruled out.
Now, the crucial concern is—how can the country adopt ‘Tech Neutrality’ amid a long tech war or potential cyber battle between the two tech superpowers—China and the United States?

Considering geo-location, geo-political proximity, sensitive geo-digital situation and tech dependency on others, both foreign political predators and cyber terrorists are constantly threatening cybersecurity architecture in the country. Nepal must fortify digital security preparedness with a sense of tech cooperation to rationally focus on intelligence mechanisms—both threat intelligence and cyber intelligence.


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