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Nepal-India ties under Modi 3.0

Nepal-India ties under Modi 3.0

Amid changing politico-electoral dynamics in India, its relations with immediate neighbors are likely to be transfigured. Nepal-India relations, however, have been mostly centered on “belief”, ‘over-belief”, or ‘crises of belief”, largely swayed by elite rulers.

Beyond government-to-government relations, Nepal can strengthen its relations with the formidable opposition in the Indian parliament through party-to-party ties, or shadow government relations, given the steadfast support Nepal has garnered over the years from the Indian opposition on political, diplomatic, economic, trade, environmental, demographic and geographic issues.

Nepal should use tact and tone rather than counteract emotions to advance its national interests through a variety of avenues, including institutional, diplomatic, public and personal.

Nevertheless, both the neighbors need to broaden their perspectives and lessen the antiquated stereotype of one neighbor over the other by laying emphasis on truth, trust, tone and respect as cornerstones of their relationships for tracing a conscious and concrete relationship roadmap.