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TJ is a matter of national interest

TJ is a matter of national interest

Transitional justice is not an issue of a particular party; it is a national issue. Hence, all political parties and stakeholders should take ownership of it.

This time, the prime minister also appears in favor of resolving this issue, which is positive. The justice process should be concluded soon and then only the peace process will complete.

The transitional justice process should adhere to international protocols, Supreme Court verdicts and the Comprehensive Peace Accord. Violators of human rights should be prosecuted and justice delivered to victims.

Nepal Center for Security Governance, a think tank established for research, analysis, publication and applied operation in the area of security governance, has drafted a report on the basis of discussions with experts. The report has concluded that the justice process should be taken to a logical conclusion by following all protocols. We will submit our report to the PM and the Speaker soon.

The author is Executive Director at Nepal Center for Security Governance



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