A trio of triple camera phones

With the budget smartphone market getting more and more competitive, mobile makers have started giving attention to one area budget phones were traditionally cursed in: Cameras. The trend of triple cameras started by flagship phones in 2018 has now caught...

Prayas Tiwari

YAMAHA FZ-S V 3: Reclaiming the Streets

The FZ is one of Yamaha’s most successful motorcycles and the update makes it fresher and safer as well. It is still a great motorcycle and one which should reinvigorate the segment


What should be your next hua-way?

Losing access to Google services also means your future Huawei handset will have no Play Store, Gmail, and other proprietary Google apps

Prayas Tiwari

Monsoon-proof your vehicles

Your tires are your first line of defense. They’re in direct contact with the road, so it’s only fair to check on them before anything else. As your tire rubber wears down, the tread indicator starts thinning too

Nepal Drives

Three free cricket apps this World Cup season

The cricket World Cup is here and we’re as excited as you are. To help you celebrate this festival of cricket, we have compiled a list of three cricket games for your phone. Happy hunting!

Prayas Tiwari

Nissan Kicks: First Innings

It comes with features that are missing in cars above its class like the 360 degree parking cameras, and it drives like an expensive executive sedan soaking up everything the road has to offer whilst cuddling the passengers with comfort and silence

Nepal Drives

Three wireless chargers, just for you

After decades of having to switch between different wires to power up mobile phones, and all the tangles that resulted in, wireless charging systems now promise to revolutionize how we charge and operate our phones.

Prayas Tiwari

Cool for the summer

For drivers who don’t enjoy intense heat, getting into a car that has been parked in hot weather can feel like being roasted alive, not to mention that it puts serious wear on your car over time

Ankit Shakya

Three wireless earphones at three price points

Wireless earphones are all the vogue as cords of every kind become passes among the Generation Z. What does this generation, and those who consider themselves young at heart, like to listen to? Here are a few wireless earphones that are catching up among...

Prayas Tiwari

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883: The American badass

We grew up seeing Harley Davidson in the silver screens and rushing to get glimpses of the ex-Crown Prince thundering through the streets. So, when it officially came to Nepal, we were over the moon

Ankit Shakya

Cricket World Cup TV buyer’s guide

For the ICC World Cup 2019 we bring to you an easy buyer’s guide to help you pick the right TV for the occasion.

Prayas Tiwari

All-new Hyundai Santro: A good first pick

The new Hyundai Santro is a decent car for the segment. It gets many things right and very few things wrong. While there are plenty of cost cuts, you feel like you’re driving a car made for a different class

Ankit Shakya

Four handy tech products from Miniso stores

Technology you never knew existed. Tech products you never knew you needed. We searched the market for some novel products—this time from Miniso

Prayas Tiwari

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