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Ways to end child labor

Ways to end child labor

The World Day Against Child Labor aims to bring attention to the issue of making laborers out of children. To end child labor, the World Day Against Child Labor prioritizes education, develops economic options, upholds the law, offers social support, and raises awareness. Aaradhana Shrestha from ApEx spoke to three people to find out what communities and individuals can do to help end child labor.

Sitendra Jha, 18

Child labor is a heinous crime that abuses children, depriving them of a normal childhood, better future, and lifestyle, all for the selfish motivation of exploiting cheap labor offered by children. It’s often due to economically and socially backward families and communities. The best approach to preventing child labor is to identify and uplift the livelihoods of these economically disadvantaged marginalized communities. Strict rules and regulations should be implemented, along with rigorous monitoring by authorities to punish those involved in this crime. Children subjected to forced labor in various situations should be rescued and rehabilitated to effectively reintegrate them into society.

As individuals, we should hold ourselves to higher moral standards and speak out against child labor. We must not allow ourselves to be silenced by elite industrialists and individuals who exploit children, nor should we condone child labor in any circumstances. We should actively raise awareness and voice our concerns against child labor. Any product or service that directly or indirectly results from child labor should be socially boycotted and severely punished.

Siddhartha Thapaliya, 25

Combating child labor requires ensuring access to education and job opportunities for all. Schools should offer low-cost tuition or scholarships for poor families, reducing the financial reasons that force children to work. Comprehensive educational programs must highlight the long-term benefits of schooling and include job training to prepare students for future careers.

Strong laws are essential to stop child labor, with strict enforcement and penalties for violations. Providing job opportunities for parents is equally important, as a stable and adequate income can reduce the poverty that drives families to rely on child labor. Employment programs and financial support for adults help ensure that children can stay in school rather than being sent to work. These measures create an environment where education is valued, and financial pressures leading to child labor are reduced, promoting a future where all children have the chance to learn and succeed.

Pragya Khanal, 22

Child labor refers to work that robs children of their childhood and potential, negatively impacting their physical and mental growth and development. Despite global efforts to eradicate it, child labor persists, and significant struggles have been observed in addressing this issue.

Preference for education over money-making, eradication of poverty through employment opportunities for parents, and solutions for inflated education fees can be helpful in eliminating the emerging issue of child labor. Additionally, raising awareness regarding the psychological impact on children can be the best solution to eradicate child labor from our society.


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