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Nepali content on Instagram

Instagram can be a rabbit hole, a colossal time suck like nothing else. But it’s also a necessity for fun, entertainment, and information. Some content creators make the time you spend on it totally worthwhile

Nepali content on Instagram

We are familiar with the account Nepal Food on Instagram. Everyone who loves to eat out probably knows about it. Blogger Siddhartha Ghimire runs the famous page that’s filled with restaurant reviews, simple recipes, and the occasional roundup of small, local eateries where you can get mouthwatering snacks.

But there are many Nepali digital creators on Instagram that many of us know nothing about. Believe us when we say this, your online experience will be so much better and entertaining when you start following these pages. From makeup and fashion tips to little cultural escapades, these young Nepalis on Instagram are doing everything like a pro. To get you started, we recommend these three lifestyle accounts.

Aaku (aakkkkuuuuuu)

For aesthetic a day in my life blogs and shopping trips and hauls

According to her bio, she’s ‘just a girl who loves to romanticize life while she shops and strolls’. Her reels attest to that statement. Her enjoyment as she shops and strolls is evident. She has 22k followers and over 250 posts. The account was created in 2016 as a personal page but slowly it evolved into something more when she started creating vlogs and reels about her shopping trips. Her videos are cute, fun, entertaining, and informative. She will run you through places where you can buy some amazing stuff at cheap prices (mostly in New Road, Kathmandu). The voiceovers add to the content as she has this extremely friendly way of speaking. It’s almost like she’s talking to you. She makes you want to shop but also not give in to impulse buys but instead savor the process of finding something you really love.

Lajja Uprety (laj_chaina)

For funny, relatable, satirical content that shed light on the problems in our society 

Fair warning, don’t watch her videos if you just have a few minutes to spare because chances are you will want to binge watch the content on Uprety’s Instagram page and spend at least half an hour scrolling through it. She has just 123 posts till date but Nepalis will relate to her content. She’s speaking your mind when she’s responding to an aunt who calls her skinny, or trying to dodge a ‘small’ favor. Her posts on ‘NRN aunty on her Nepal visits’ are hilarious and will have you nodding your head in agreement. The deadpan expression with which she carries out her skits will have you in splits. Here’s a woman who’s calling out things she finds annoying without a care in the world but with a dash of humor that blunts the offensive edge. Laj_chaina is an entertaining page that shows you the ridiculous side of some universal problems making you realize that perhaps some things aren’t worth the importance you often give them.

Sushma Thapa (thapa_sush_) 

For makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, and other little tips and tricks 

Branding herself as Thapa ji, digital creator Sushma Thapa’s page on Instagram has mostly Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos. Watching her style herself will give you some handy pointers on how to glam up a simple outfit or style a look around an item of clothing you love or just got. She also gives space to skincare, making you realize the importance of a good routine for ravishing skin. There are some collaboration videos for bags and other daily items that you might want to check out as well. She currently lives in the United Kingdom as an international student and there are glimpses of her life there too—reels on what she eats in a day and her London explorations are nicely done. All in all, the content is fun and wholesome, making you want to stop and enjoy the process of getting ready for the day.


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