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Basnet awarded Himdamaru title

Basnet awarded Himdamaru title

Balkrishna Basnet, President of Press Council Nepal, has been honored with Himdamaru title. The award was conferred to Basnet by the Literary Journalist Association on Thursday.

He was honored for his contribution to the environment by studying and researching mountains and environment and informing people about saving the mountains through journalism. The association felicitated him for his studies on protecting the mountains, environment and the effects of climate change and producing a documentary on the impact of climate change on the Himalayan region. He was honored for his 25 years of dedication for protection of the mountains.

Senior literary figure Rochak Ghimire, senior artist Madan Das Shrestha and Mount Everest climber Tembachiri Sherpa honored Basnet with a certificate and a shawl.

Basnet after receiving the award requested that journalism should be focused on the protection of the mountains and the environment to save the earth. He has also suggested that the concerned bodies should be serious about the fact that the snow in the mountains of Nepal is decreasing because of climate change and this is damaging the entire tourism industry.

“If the mountains survive the water and tourism area remains. Foreigners come to see mountains and therefore we need to save the mountains,” Basnet said.

Ghimire praised Basnet for working for prosperity for a long time through the field of journalism.

Sherpa shared his experiences of working together with Basnet for the last 24 years. He recalled the days when Sherpa first climbed Mt Everest at the age of 14, when Basnet along with a management team had gone to the Everest Base Camp.