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These Instagram pages will bring out the cook in you

These Instagram pages will bring out the cook in you

Everyone who has Instagram on their phone probably spends way too much time on it. The amount of content it has to cater to all tastes and needs is amazing. Whatever you want—fashion tips, book reviews, cleaning hacks, or décor ideas—it’s all there. It’s also a great space to pick up some cooking skills and learn a few gourmet recipes that can help you save a few thousand rupees you would spend ordering a takeaway or eating out. Here are our top five picks. We guarantee these pages, with drool-worthy photos of food and drinks, will get you interested in cooking and make you want to eat at home way more than you do.

Ravneet Gill (@ravneeteats)

A British pastry chef, activist, and television presenter based in London, Ravneet Gill makes food look fun, as it should be. She has over 10 years of experience. She is a food columnist for The Guardian besides contributing to other publications like The Telegraph and Observer Food Monthly etc. Her Instagram page, where she has 179k followers, is filled with recipes that will make you want to bake for pleasure. The Toffee Apple Self-Saucing Pudding is one of our favorites. It’s easy to make and simply delicious.

Liam Baker (@chef.liam)

He is an ex-fine dining chef who, according to his bio on Instagram, quit his job to discover his Caribbean heritage. He cooks with fire and smoke like his natives did and his Instagram page is full of cooking tips and tricks that you can use to create culinary masterpieces. He also dishes out plenty of advice on making the best of seasonal ingredients. Learn to make fermented hot sauce, a smooth hummus, and turn tomatoes into yummy dishes other than chutneys with chef Liam.

Kabita Singh (@kabitaskitchen)

A housewife turned content creator, Kabita Singh was awarded the Best Creator in the Food Category at the National Creators Award in India this year. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram where she regularly posts recipes of Indian food. Her recipes are simple and perfect for those who are new to cooking. You can learn to make a variety of lentils and snacks like Egg Cheese Sandwich and Aloo Tikki Chaat. She posts quite regularly and has over 2000 videos already.

Eric Chou (@erictriesit)

You will be scrolling through this page for hours. The photos are just so lovely and will have you drooling for some baked goodies. The last time we checked there were just 275 posts but each of these is a delight. We tried to recreate the Strawberry Sandwich which tasted every bit as delightful as it looked. Eric’s conversational tone as he talks about the food and the places he has visited makes his already good content even better.

Jordon Ezra King (@jordonezraking)

Over the years, Jordon has worked in many restaurants and the seriousness with which he prepares food makes it evident that he considers it sacrosanct. There’s something in his tone that begs us to pay attention to what he’s saying. His page has recipes and informative videos on different food cultures. He also teaches you to make some basic stuff like chicken broth and creamy mashed potatoes that can help you enhance the taste of any dish. There are easy recipes that you can whip up in minutes with ready-to-eat ingredients in your pantry like a can of chickpeas.