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Mind Matters | Unable to juggle work and studies

Mind Matters | Unable to juggle work and studies

As a 19-year-old receptionist balancing work and studies, life has been quite overwhelming lately. Handling a job while also trying to keep up with my studies is not easy. I can’t afford to lose my job because I have to pay for my education. The stress of managing both work and studies has affected me. There are days when I completely feel drained, both mentally and physically. It’s difficult to focus on my studies after a long day at work. I often find myself worrying about assignments and exams. My friends are out enjoying themselves while I’m stuck at home or the office. What should I do?

Answered by Kapil Sharma, counseling psychologist, Nepal Institute of Mental Health

I want to acknowledge the incredible effort you’re putting into balancing your professional life and education, especially at such a young age. Life has its highs and lows, and it’s okay to feel the weight of those pressures. Each hurdle you overcome builds strength and resilience, even if it might not feel like much at the moment. You are just 19 and shouldering responsibilities while working for the sake of your education can be challenging.

But let me assure you that it’s okay to feel this way. Trust your hard work. Remember to allocate some time for yourself. You can start by creating a demand list, which involves identifying the demands of both work and studies. Making a demand list is a form of self-care. Once you have that down, scheduling tasks becomes easier. Be sure to include regular breaks. Engage in activities that bring you joy. Monotony can be draining so doing things you enjoy is essential.

Taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial for maintaining productivity and focus. It’s important to develop skills in managing tasks rather than isolating yourself and risking burnout. Set realistic expectations for yourself and prioritize what truly matters to you. As much as you can, avoid comparing your life to others as everyone’s journey is different.

Seeking support from family, friends, and mentors can help in establishing good routines. Identify what’s making it difficult to manage studies and work, whether it’s a relationship issue or financial constraints, and address the root cause. If you’re still struggling, don’t hesitate to seek support from professionals.