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Mind Matters | Losing grip

Mind Matters | Losing grip

I’m a 27 years old woman who was once filled with dreams and aspirations, but these days I feel trapped under the suffocating grip of depression. My journey began with a promising start, a successful career, a loving partner and a supportive circle of friends; but as the years passed on, I found myself struggling to keep up appearances, where each day started to feel like a relentless battle. Despite my best efforts—the therapy sessions and medications—to seek help, they only provided temporary relief. How do I cope? 

Answered by Kapil Sharma, Counseling psychologist, Nepal Institute of Mental Health

You have given a vivid depiction of your life, in which you mentioned experiencing depression. It’s evident that you are in immense pain and suffering. Depression often feels like an endless battle, leaving you drained and hopeless.

It is crucial to understand that you are not alone in this struggle. Many others are facing similar challenges. While therapy and medication may provide temporary relief, it’s important to combine treatments and reach out for support. Talking to a trustworthy person or a loved one who understands you can be beneficial. Continuing therapy is also crucial for long-term progress. Take small steps and be gentle with yourself. Practice self-compassion and kindness. Don’t lose sight of the possibility of healing, it’s a slow and steady process. There is a brighter side to look forward to, and to reach that silver lining, skill development is essential. If you’re able, work on cultivating skills. If you can’t, there are always experts available to help you. 

The first skill to cultivate is self-compassion. Focus on accepting your thoughts without judgment and accept yourself as who you are. Engage in activities that bring you pleasure and practice mindfulness, including breathing exercises or physical activity.

Seeking support is also crucial. Never stop seeking support, as it works in synergy with all other factors. This includes personal motivation, external circumstances, medication, if needed, and the guidance of therapists or mental health professionals to navigate life's stresses. Keep seeking support and continue on your journey towards healing.