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Work challenges in Nepal

Work challenges in Nepal

Many youths in Nepal are exploring foreign employment prospects. Two primary factors are mainly behind this: Limited job opportunities in Nepal and inadequate appreciation for work.

In Nepal, the mindset of giving due respect to all types of professions, devoid of any hierarchy or discrimination, is generally lacking. No job should be considered superior or inferior. This perspective is closely tied to the issue of compensation and salary. Salaries must be substantial enough to sustain a satisfactory standard of living.

In contrast, foreign nations where Nepalis work have dignity of work. 

Conversely, the scarcity of employment opportunities is largely associated with the nation’s economic circumstances. 

Addressing these crucial issues, including fostering a culture of respect for all professions and enhancing economic growth to generate more job opportunities, necessitates collective efforts. Without resolution of these key challenges, the trend of youths seeking employment abroad is likely to persist and potentially increase.

The author is spokesperson at Foreign Employment Board