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An iatrogenic disaster

An iatrogenic disaster

The US, considered the richest economy in the world, has the highest rates of coronavirus deaths. At current count, they have lost over 220K people. Most poor countries in the Third World have seen minimal deaths in comparison. Why, we must ask?

Rwanda, for instance, seems to have adopted very good public health measures. Their air flights are still operational. People are taking precautions and safety measures which make travel safe and easy to monitor possibly infectious individuals.

In the US, by comparison, even masks are a major issue. People throw hysterical fits when asked to leave a store if they don’t have a mask on. There are videos of people lying and saying they have a medical condition in order to get an exemption. The tantrums of Americans laid bare their political stupidities. This is a key reason for high infections and deaths, but not the only one.

There appears to be a correlation between large sums paid to US hospitals for patients on ventilators, and subsequent deaths. According to documentary “Plandemic”, featuring Judy Mikovits (instantly dismissed by US media and health administration as a tinhat conspiracy theorist and a nut), hospitals get large sums for patients who are intubated and ventilated. This encourages doctors to do this procedure even when it is unnecessary, leading to coma and then death. This appears to be a major cause of mass deaths in the US.

Remdesivir, which can cause long-term kidney and liver damage, appears to be another reason. “EU Regulator Probes Possible Kidney Damage From Virus Drug,” reported AFP on 2 October 2020. “A combination of generic drugs appears to be more effective in fighting the coronavirus than Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir,” wrote Sharon Lerner on 26 May 2020 in the publication The Intercept, in an article titled “Despite the hype, Gilead’s Remdesivir will do nothing to end the coronavirus pandemic”. Gilead Sciences is well known for ridiculous scams including a course of liver medication which costs $84,000.

Interestingly, both India and Bangladesh’s diplomatic arms suddenly decided to gift Nepal planeloads of Remdesivir a few weeks ago. This leads me to suspect Big Pharma marketing went into overdrive, using all marketing channels including diplomatic ones to arm-twist poor countries into using this dubious drug. As to why WHO continues to endorse this drug is moot.

Previous research shows pandemic deaths can be underreported by a factor of seven. With 1.12 million recorded deaths worldwide, this means we could now have approximately eight million covid-19 deaths. Many deaths could have been caused by lethal medical and pharmacological interventions, especially in highly developed countries like the US, France, Spain and Italy. That’s an iatrogenic disaster.

In countries like Nepal where people have chosen to stay away from hospitals and self-medicate with Ayurveda, death rates have been very low. Despite evidence, Western scientific organizations like WHO continue to insist Western medicine is the only way to deal with this crisis. Dr. Tedros has not deviated from his stance that hospitalization, intubation and ventilation, antibiotics, and Big Pharma are the one and only way to deal with this pandemic.

Which brings us to Hippocrates. The Hippocratic Oath is to do no harm to patients. But it is clear millions of people have already died from two factors: a) the inherent inefficiency and lack of healing potential of the Western medical system in dealing with this pandemic and, b) the deliberate misuse of the Western healing system. If so, should not an organization like the WHO which professes to heal the world show humility and acknowledge other medical traditions may have better solutions?

Perhaps Western science is not all its cracked up to be. Perhaps the Western medical system is an elaborate and expensive hoax on some level. In Nepal, hospitals charge their Covid-19 patients heavily, then dispose of the dead without showing the corpse to the family. If unethical capitalists inside hospitals, of which they are plenty, decide to start a kidney harvesting operation, no Nepali would know. Army jawans who cart away dead bodies do not check for an operation scar. Nepal remains a key location for kidney sales, fetching up to 60 lakhs. All these possibilities should be considered with an open mind.

No amount of jeering about cow urine can take away the fact Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing involving many complex formulations which have healed efficiently and safely for thousands of years. In Nepal, most people live an Ayurvedic lifestyle, no matter how modern and professional they appear. Thankfully, most people decide they cannot afford expensive iatrogenic intervention, which saves them from ventilation, coma, and death. As a society, we are already a large scale “clinical trial” which has proved the efficiency of Ayurveda.

We seek international recognition for our system of healing. But perhaps it is time to recognize that organizations like WHO, which profess to certify and regulate medicine, are themselves very limited in understanding global healing systems, and narrow in their scope of advice. Perhaps the WHO should be labeled what it is: an outdated and irrelevant organ of what was once “Western civilization” but now looks perilously like white supremacy.

(The article represents the author’s personal views)