Society | Illegal extraction of sand fuels violence

Contractors are illegally mining the Chure and Bhawar region of the country and those who try to stop them are greeted with pistols and khukuri

Raj Karan Mahato

Unfamiliar territory: Navigating the lockdown

There is comfort in the familiar. For many people, especially older men, routines instill a sense of discipline and purpose. The lockdown has thrown all of that out of whack


Society | Illegal medicines seized in Biratnagar

Usually when a new product is manufactured, the pharmaceutical companies send it to doctors as samples through their market representatives (MR) to inform them about it

Kishor Budhathoki

Online counseling: Weighing costs and benefits

Because critical psychological disorders can’t be treated with just therapy and online therapy is still in its infancy in Nepal, psychologists are irresolute about taking on severe cases

Kumudini Pant

Domestic violence: Lessons from Nepal’s first nationwide...

Risks have increased due to restrictions on movement, confinement with perpetrators, constant surveillance, and disconnect from social support systems

Simran Shrestha, Sagoon Bhetwal & Dikshya Khadgi

Phurba Sherpa sets new record

Sherpa had made it to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 by singing an entire song with only one letter of the Devanagari script “Ma” on the album “Geet Ek Akshar Ko”


Reading during the pandemic: An act of self-care

A 2009 study found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68 percent. Individuals who read for as less as six minutes had slower heart rates, less muscle tension, and lower stress levels


Society | Tourism entrepreneurs in Gorkha stare at...

Many hoteliers in the Manaslu area have also fallen into the trap of compounding 'meter interest'

Shiva Upreti

Superheroes | Nepali nurses risking it all

Valiant nurses on the frontlines don’t let anything dampen their spirits. Hospitals are inundated. Every nurse, who earlier used to work in eight-hour shifts, is on a 12-hour shift, and sometimes without breaks too


Society | The difficulties of setting up oxygen plants...

Even though the Cabinet had decided to waive custom duties on materials required to install oxygen plants, private hospitals flatly rejected the offer | Photos: Sunita Dangol

Pratik Ghimire

Society | Why do these Gorkha natives have no land...

The Syala village in Chumanubri-2 | Photo: Shiva Upreti

Shiva Upreti

Society | Nepal’s civil society appeals to China for...

‘We would like to appeal to the Chinese government to support Nepal with additional vaccines so as to curb unnecessary loss of human life’


Unity is Immunity | Collective effort on corona

The only way the country will successfully emerge from this pandemic is through a broad political consensus and via a government formed on that basis


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