Resumption of taxi services fail to cheer up drivers

Following the July 9 announcement, taxi services resumed. With most public busses still out of operation, the taxi drivers should have benefitted, but that was not the case. Taxis are still short of passengers

Nishan Khatiwada

The communist movement in Nepal loses its father figure

Budhamagar gets the credit for the birth of the communist movement in Thabang, which was already a Maoist stronghold when the then CPN (Maoist) started its armed rebellion in 1996

Khem Bahadur Budha

They collect hair, craft wigs for cancer patients

Koshish Nepal joined hands with Mayas Beauty Parlor to collect hair from willing donors and turn them into wigs for those who have lost hair for various medical reasons

Nishan Khatiwada

Gai Jatra in Bhaktapur to be marked without iconic...

As the number of those infected with Covid-19 in Kathmandu valley keeps increasing, these festivals could otherwise turn into hotspots for the virus

Ishwor Kaji Khaiju

On Indian news channels

Why would Indian journalists misrepresent these countries that mostly have amicable relations with India? Nepal is not China (India’s main strategic rival) or Pakistan (its chief antagonist)

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

What can Nepal do about inaccurate reporting on Indian...

Recent news reports on Nepal by Indian TV channels, according to experts, is a serious breach of the journalist code of conduct, and the Press Council of India should thus take action against them

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

The number of rape-and-murder cases of minors on the...

Dead body of Nirmala Panta (right) being recovered from a sugarcane field in Kanchanpur district. (ANM Archives)


Khokana epitomizes how Nepal gets its development wrong

The government wants to build the much-hyped Kathmandu-Nijgadh expressway through this village. The locals have objected that massive construction works will devastate the village and destroy its rich Newari heritage, and have been asking the government...

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

Prohibition on picking Himalayan Viagra brings hardships

A file photo of the locals going up the highlands of Dolpa district in search of yarshagumba, a Himalayan herb. Inset: yarshagumba (Annapurna archives)


So that there is no shortage of blood during the pandemic

For healthy adults, experts suggest donating blood every three months. It is also good for the donor’s health. Prior to the donation, potential donors are checked for right pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin level, as well as for various kinds of Hepatitis...

Nishan Khatiwada

The Gurkha riddle

Can India use the citizens of Nepal, which has traditionally had close and largely problem-free ties with the northern neighbor, to fight the Chinese?

Kamal Dev Bhattarai

A peek into the popularity of Routine of Nepal Banda

It does not rush to break news. If it is a little slow, that probably means it is trying to verify the information. “Unless something is urgent, we don’t worry about being late. But we don’t want to give wrong information,” says Victor Paudel, page admin

Nishan Khatiwada

Returning migrant workers struggle to find job

: Migrant workers entering the country through Gauriphanta border point of Kailali. (Photo: Shivaraj Bhatta)


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