Saugat, Anmol, and Pushpa train for ‘X9’

All three actors are training for their roles in the Golden Hills Pictures’ film that is being marketed as “Nepal’s biggest action-thriller”


OVN oxygen concentrator handover

The health equipment/materials handed over to the Department of Health Services will be made available to 13 government hospitals in 9 districts


Birgunj blames city residents for unmanaged waste

Mayor Bijay Sarawagi says contracting out waste management has helped but lack of support from city residents has slowed progress


A peek into the 120-year-old history of Gorkhapatra

The front page of Gorkhapatra weekly from 13 March 1955, the week of King Tribhuvan’s death | Photos: Nirvik Thapa

Nirvik Thapa

No citizenship, no job

Young Madhesis have been deprived of numerous opportunities as they can’t apply for citizenship. They can’t even go abroad for work

Jitendra Narayan Thakur

‘Putali Ko Sapana’ up for best screenplay in Dhaka

Among the 11 screenplays selected, only three will receive grants and mentorship from the lab


Why does Nepali society condone violence?

There is generally an eerie silence around violence until it results in a rape or murder. People would rather turn the other way and walk away than get involved in matters that don’t concern them | HBR

Cilla Khatry

A hospital without doctors or a functioning lab

When ApEx visited the hospital last week, the OPD was open, but not a single doctor was in sight

Kishor Budhathoki

Tibetan refugees in Mustang have something to cheer...

Despite the successful vaccination drive, the community is reeling under various adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

Sundar Kumar Thakali

Suicide prevention: Work on the whys (besides covid)

The UN has recommended that Nepal develop and implement a national strategy and action plan for the prevention of suicide | Pixabay/Canva

Cilla Khatry

Nepali students in Chinese universities losing hope

Medical graduates from various Chinese universities protest in front of the offices of Nepal Medical Council and Center for Education and Human Resource Development, asking for permission to complete their internship in Nepal | Lensman

Pratik Ghimire

Nepalis are killing themselves. What can we do?

We would rather blame the victim for a ‘lapse of judgement’ rather than admit there might have been something simmering beneath the surface

Cilla Khatry

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