Biraj Maharjan: Nepal should aim for World Cup qualification...

Those playing for the national squad and the clubs are more financially stable, though aspiring players can still struggle

Pratik Ghimire

Business | The future is less-cash rather than cashless

Brain drain isn’t just an issue to be handled by individual companies but at the level of the national economy

Sunny Mahat

Business | Nepal’s business community has always encouraged...

Udeep Shrestha, who now leads the decades-old multi-industry conglomerate, is also involved in facilitating and promoting entrepreneurship in Nepal

Sunny Mahat

Interview | Gorkha Brewery steps up to do its bit during...

The goods that arrived in Nepal on May 22 were handed over to Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi on behalf of Gorkha Brewery the very next day


Interview | Private sector’s involvement benefits sports

Under the expert coaching of Nepali football legend Bal Gopal Maharjan, Kathmandu Rayzrs plays Dhangadhi FC in the final on May 15

Sunny Mahat

Interview: Nepal is a treasure-trove for the study...

"The Paśupatinātha temple does not only host the worship of Śiva and Śaiva deities, but also that of Vaiṣṇava deities such as Viṣṇu and Kṛṣṇa, while once a year Śiva is worshipped in the form of five Buddhas at every buddha-purṇiṃā"

Arun Poudel

Changing mindsets on federalism the most difficult...

As she left the country after finishing her term at the end of September for Indonesia, where she will serve as the new UN Resident Coordinator, Julliand recounted her experience in Nepal in this email exchange with APEX’s Biswas Baral

Biswas Baral

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