The perks and perils of working from home

The initial days of the lockdown were spent watching the re-telecast of the Mahabharat. Now, you have your own version of the epic going on in your life as you try to juggle work and the million responsibilities at home. (In photo above: Richa Bhattarai)


Sunrise over Lazimpat

But I’m not yet, at the time of writing anyway, ready to experience sunrise over Lazimpat while waiting in line at the veggie shop

Jackie Taylor

Is the singers’ freedom of expression absolute?

Should there be limits on what singers can say in their songs, or should this freedom of expression be absolute? APEX asked 10 folks from different walks of life.

Nishan Khatiwada

Health rituals: More than meet the eye

Established in late 2014, Farmer’s Mart in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, has a wide range of organic and healthy products to suit your needs. / Photo: Mahendra Khadka



In Nepal you rarely saw handshakes. The Namaskar gesture was traditional, simple and need I say, hygienic. But somewhere over the past few decades the handshake has become the modus operandi of doing business / PHOTO SOURCE: Vladimir Zhoga / 500px / Getty...

Jackie Taylor

Gatha Mangal in Khokana

Photos: Mahendra Khadka and Anil Ranjit


Every man for himself

Being globally in the same ‘2020 boat’ wouldn’t it be great if we all had equal access to life rafts and had a sensible captain to steer us, rather than having ‘every man for himself’?

Jackie Taylor

Ludo continues to delight people in its digital avatar

Perhaps no popular tea stall or eatery in Nepal is without a small group of young people huddled together to play Ludo over a phone. It’s handy, too: You don’t need a physical board, or money, or any other special arrangement—only your trusted phone

Nishan Khatiwada

Travel gadgets, then and now

While spending so much time in the house these past few months, I had a bit of a cleanout of old drawers and found my stash of ‘must have’ travel gadgets from 30 years ago

Jackie Taylor

How students SEE exam cancelation

APEX caught up with some students who were scheduled to appear for SEE 2020 to solicit their views on the cancelation and the prospect of getting certificates without clearing the exam

Nishan Khatiwada

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