We don’t cheat, but are cheated upon

This week, APEX caught up with 12 taxi drivers on the streets of Kathmandu and asked what they made of the cheating allegations against them


Trekking guides on all fours in Nepal

I for one would love to have Fluffy on my trek and I’m sure the clients have lots of great stories and photos to take home of the time they went trekking in the Himalayas with a Husky!

Jackie Taylor

Catch 22 continues on its timeless journey

The comeback owes to the determination not to let the band’s legacy fade. ‘Ojhel’, ‘Kathmandu’ and ‘Yatri’ are still popular among the current generation of music lovers PULLOUT: “You can take the boys out of music but you can never take music out...

Sunny Mahat

Top six things to do with toilet paper

Use your hoarded toilet paper to create a barrier between yourself and outside world—for insulation I mean. But of course if you don’t get on with your neighbors you could always use it to block off your windows and gate to keep nosey parkers out too

Jackie Taylor

Creating inclusive spaces in Nepal

Providing access to and including persons with disabilities in classrooms are representative of the numerous steps that need to be taken to support them in their everyday lives

Sanjeev Dahal

Seasons band start on a new ‘spiritual’ quest

Formed in 1995 by a group of young boys in Hetauda, the band was one of the most popular in the noughties, with songs that catered to all age and social groups

Sunny Mahat

Breathing life back into broken guitars

Sumit restores guitars that have been worn with time and use and he’s most likely the only full-time luthier in the country specializing in guitar repairs

Sunny Mahat

Photo feature: Capturing the streets of Kathmandu

A total of 18 photography students from Norway, China, Bangladesh and Nepal had gathered in Kathmandu for the International Storytelling Workshop 2020. As part of the curriculum, all 18 students roamed the streets of Kathmandu, taking pictures for the...


Loneliness among elderly growing social problem in...

This ‘calming touch’ of friends and family has traditionally been a characteristic of the Nepali society. But that is not necessarily true these days. The family bond is much valued in Nepal, and its absence becomes glaring and a major cause of sorrow,...

Arun Poudel

Paradigm Shift wins big at ICMC

With hundreds of music lovers in the audience, the female-fronted “Paradigm Shift” took home the grand prize of Rs 80,000 and also won the individual titles of Best Bassist, Best Drummer, and Best Guitarist which had the cash prizes of Rs 10,000 each.


Ashra and the Parables: The presence of earth and environment

Ashra, a story-teller herself, is now ready to the hit the music industry with her band “Ashra and the Parables,” with plans to release its debut EP “Aabash” soon

Sunny Mahat

AMN's "Ankur" marks its first anniversary

Ramkhala Khadka said she was proud of how even the small Ankur team was able to successfully pitch the newspaper to school students from in and outside Kathmandu.


Party Bus Nepal: Now Kathmandu will party on wheels

Launched on 10 January 2020, the party bus offers a completely new concept of partying: Right now, it offers three kinds of services: Hop- on Party Ride, Airport pick and Drop, and private Events.

Sajira Shrestha

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