What fuels political instability in Nepal?

A protester affiliated with a faction of the then ruling Nepal Communist Party dances as he takes part in a protest against the dissolution of parliament, in Kathmandu, on 22 January 2021 | Reuters

Pratik Ghimire

Profile | Avinas Man Napit: The accidental stop-motion...

His most popular Tiktok, with a whopping 5.3 million views and 375,000 likes, has him working behind the scenes of a superhero motion graphic edit he did

Kumudini Pant

New judges for Nepal Idol

Season 4 judges are composer Sambhujeet Baskota and singers Sugam Pokharel and Subani Moktan


Profile | This young tennis ace has big dreams for...

Most of the difficulties Khanal faced have been part and parcel of the sport in Nepal, where cricket and football dominate in everything sphere, from followers to finance | Photos: Sunita Dangol

Pratik Ghimire

Messi goes, their love endures

Pratik Ghimire of ApEx spoke to 10 diehard Barcelona and Messi fans to understand the recent upheavals in their fandom | CBS

Pratik Ghimire

Deepak-Deepa defy Covid-19, invest in multiplex

Giri and Niraula, along with their team, hope the hall will be ready by March-April next year


Profile | Mingma Sherpa: Man of the mountains

Sherpa’s life has changed drastically and so have the lives of thousands of people from his region who relied on tourism activities for their livelihood

Sunny Mahat

Anmol KC signs for action thriller ‘X9’

The Golden Hills Pictures’ film will go into production from January and will be shot at multiple locations including in Canada, the UAE and Europe


Profile | The Digital Lawyer of the TikTok era

After the success of ‘How to be a lawyer in Nepal’ and the sudden realization that law was an area of interest for many, Siwakoti decided to keep making more law-related videos

Kumudini Pant

Referendum on secularism? 10 public intellectuals weigh...

Referendum on secularism? Pratik Ghimire of ApEx talked to 10 public intellectuals on this rather controversial issue

Pratik Ghimire

Viral song ‘Paani Chamkine’ gets a Teej remake

Within three days of its YouTube release, the song has already gotten over 4 million views


Profile | A comedian’s hustle

Pranesh Gautam’s 2019 arrest taught him a lot about the movie business. But he has largely put the incident behind him

Kumudini Pant

The thriving thrift culture of Kathmandu

Abroad, the thrift shopping culture began long ago. But in Nepal it grew during the pandemic, as there was a surge of new thrift shops on Instagram and Facebook

Kumudini Pant

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