Quick questions with Sunil Shakya

Guitarist/Nepali Guitar Tutorial


‘Park Easy’ aims to relieve your parking woes in crowded...

This is a vertical, rotating parking system in which the space normally taken up by two cars can accommodate around 12-20 cars

Nishan Khatiwada

Should you put tika when menstruating?

Most women APEX spoke to said menstrual taboos were annoying and unnecessary. But most of them also confessed they couldn’t bring themselves to completely disregard them. The reason? They didn’t want to go against their family’s faith and tradition, feared...


Nepali blood-donation pioneer earns global repute

The 52-year-old Nepali-American Arjun Prasad Mainali has donated blood in rich and poor countries alike after first spending many years in Nepal encouraging blood donation

Nishan Khatiwada

A century of evolution of Nepal’s first cycle store

At around Rs 100 a piece, the bicycles he brought were quite expensive for the 1920s. But Kathmandu’s government officials and merchant class soon took to riding, sparking a nascent bicycle culture in Nepal

Sunny Mahat

Behind the scenes of Nepali online businesses

Customer satisfaction seems to be a priority among many online business operators. A small market and tough competition make it immensely difficult for online businesses to flourish


What’s keeping you sane?

It appears that finding what works to keep you mentally agile and happy and being a little proactive about how you spend your days can help you power through the pandemic (In the photo above: Bijay Gajmer)


The perks and perils of working from home

The initial days of the lockdown were spent watching the re-telecast of the Mahabharat. Now, you have your own version of the epic going on in your life as you try to juggle work and the million responsibilities at home. (In photo above: Richa Bhattarai)


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