In Nepal you rarely saw handshakes. The Namaskar gesture was traditional, simple and need I say, hygienic. But somewhere over the past few decades the handshake has become the modus operandi of doing business / PHOTO SOURCE: Vladimir Zhoga / 500px / Getty...

Jackie Taylor

Gatha Mangal in Khokana

Photos: Mahendra Khadka and Anil Ranjit


Every man for himself

Being globally in the same ‘2020 boat’ wouldn’t it be great if we all had equal access to life rafts and had a sensible captain to steer us, rather than having ‘every man for himself’?

Jackie Taylor

Ludo continues to delight people in its digital avatar

Perhaps no popular tea stall or eatery in Nepal is without a small group of young people huddled together to play Ludo over a phone. It’s handy, too: You don’t need a physical board, or money, or any other special arrangement—only your trusted phone

Nishan Khatiwada

Travel gadgets, then and now

While spending so much time in the house these past few months, I had a bit of a cleanout of old drawers and found my stash of ‘must have’ travel gadgets from 30 years ago

Jackie Taylor

How students SEE exam cancelation

APEX caught up with some students who were scheduled to appear for SEE 2020 to solicit their views on the cancelation and the prospect of getting certificates without clearing the exam

Nishan Khatiwada

Yogurt cake and Nepali khana

During the lockdown period I have been busy cooking using recipes I have searched online. But in the Bardia days we didn’t even have a telephone. But I did have a wonderful reference—an old Peace Corps recipe book

Jackie Taylor

Can music help fight racism?

In the wake of repeated incidents of caste-based violence around the country, APEX asks 12 Nepali musicians if (and how) music can be an effective tool to fight racism/casteism.

Sunny Mahat

Snakes and elephants

I lived on the boundary of Bardia National Park for five years and probably saw no more than a dozen snakes in that time. Rat snakes to be exact, often found in the grass roofs

Jackie Taylor

Recounting the biggest Nepal lockdown hardships

Nearly three months into the Covid-19 lockdown, each of us has been affected, in one way or the other, by this sudden disruption in our lives

Nishan Khatiwada

Goal of Nepali hotels: Survive 2020

All hotels agreed that the biggest challenge is just to keep going in these unprecedented times. They all stress cooperation from landlords and the government

Jackie Taylor

Time to grow up

We are now entering our 12th week of the lockdown. But neither are we updated daily (or not updated at all) on what the future plans are, nor are we encouraged to ‘keep up the good work’

Jackie Taylor

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