‘Thar’ movie review: Parched of good writing and acting

The younger Kapoor is easily outshined by his father, a Bollywood legend

Sunny Mahat

Skillfully communicating our needs

Making clear requests helps us transform our expectations into agreements

Aprajita Jha

Nepal polls: Preliminary counting shows neck and neck...

Nepal polls: Preliminary counting shows neck and neck competition between NC and UML


Vox Pop | First-time voters weigh their options

There are 17.7m voters—and 3.6m of them are new ones. How they vote is a subject of great curiosity

Pratik Ghimire

Photo Feature | The final stretch

From the Election Commission’s side, all systems are a go. Polling stations are being prepared and election materials being delivered and set up across the country | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi/ApEx

Pratik Rayamajhi

Sumina Shrestha: The skin is her canvas

Since the 2015 earthquakes, this 27-year-old female tattoo artist has been proving her mettle in a male-dominated field | Photo: Niman Shakya

Priyanjali Karn

‘Beach Read’ book review: Such a fun read

Centered on two writers who strike a deal to write each other’s books, Beach Read has a great premise that delivers till the very end

Keyur Basnet

‘All the Old Knives’ movie review: More melodrama than...

Laurence Fishburne—the three time Emmy and Tony winning actor—gets undeservingly sidelined

Sunny Mahat

Photo Story | On the campaign trail

Srijana Singh has the opportunity of creating history by becoming the first female mayor of the capital city. She is the daughter-in-law of late Congress leader Ganesh Man Singh and the wife of Prakash Man Singh, a Congress bigwig | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi/ApEx

Pratik Rayamajhi

Ganesh Dhakal: Giving the dead a final farewell

Dhakal lives in Chabahil with his wife, who has a medical condition where she can’t walk, and their six daughters and three sons

Priyanjali Karn

‘I See You’ book review: Fast-paced but fizzles out

I’d recommend the book purely for the vibes of the chaotic London subway system and numerous mentions of tea

Keyur Basnet

“Mai: A Mother’s Rage” series review: The welcome rebirth...

As most of the characters do not get a backstory, Tanwar in the lead role gets to own most of the screen time

Sunny Mahat

Recognizing our patterns

Lack of awareness about our patterns can impact the people around us negatively as well

Aprajita Jha

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