PJ Club’s photo contest winners on display

This yearly signature event of the Photojournalist Club, this year titled “Literacy and Multilingualism photo contest,” received 636 submissions from 182 photographers.


Nepal’s low-enders prepare for the Shisha shindig

The idea of a day dedicated to bass players had come to Deepak Shakya earlier. The problem was finding like-minded people to invest their time and resources on a not-for-profit event. Starting 2016, Nepal has had its own version of the ‘Bass Day,’ which...

Sunny Mahat

Different. By design

Once the Nilgiri Sky Lounge and restaurant comes online in early November it will be possible to take in the lights of the city for the whole evening

Jackie Taylor

Looking in the mirror

The arguments and information on Facebook are a miniature reflection of what is going on in the world at the moment

Jackie Taylor

The students of an evolving art

When it comes to vape tricks, it is an art, just like other forms of it and thus worth our appreciation.


Should paternity leave in Nepal be extended?

Paternity leave is a type of parental leave granted to a father that allows him to be away from his job after or shortly before the birth of his child. The new Labor Act requires employers to provide 15 days of paid paternity leave and 98 days of paid...

Akriti Manandhar

Catering to your plus plus-size needs

With plus-sized influencers and celebrities flaunting their baby bumps in custom-made dresses, the general public wants to experiment too. But where do you get these chic maternity clothes? This week we profile five plus-size and maternity wear outlets...

Kriti Adhikari

A little chit-chat around town

Created in Tokyo in 2003, the original intention was to provide a fun, relaxed set-up to enable young designers and architects to meet, show their work and exchange creativity. Today, 1,135 cities around the world are involved.

Jackie Taylor

Channeling the energy of real life

Their songs are mostly about different human emotions and the aggressive energy of the musicians which needs an outlet to get it out of their system

Sunny Mahat

Russian culture center in Nepal

I could see a life-size representation of the Periodic Table next to a statue of Mendeleev. A little farther I could see another statue, this one of Pushkin

Nirvik Thapa

Giving new life to Nepali music (and musicians)

The seeds of the WYR were planted when Sushil Koirala found an entry of a Narayan Gopal record in an online vinyl marketplace a few years ago

Sunny Mahat

The rickshaw-pullers of Kathmandu

These colorful rickshaws are to be found in Kathmandu’s narrow alleys—the ‘slow’ vehicles are banned from the main roads—and are mostly used by foreign tourists. Tourists opt for them as they get to see Kathmandu up close and beat the traffic jam on these...

Akriti Manandhar

Now trending

The photographers of the past, and those who still work with respect for the subject, are unobtrusive. The modern ‘photographer’ seems to think he has exclusive right to any event

Jackie Taylor

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