Is staying home as hard as going to war?

Are we no longer able to take any hardship? Not going to war but simply having to stay home—has this now become a major suffering for us?

Jackie Taylor

Organic products during Nepal lockdown

Bhuwan and Nisha KC established Kathmandu Organics in early 2017 as a trendsetting online food store

Jackie Taylor

How people are planning for future lockdowns

APEX talked to different folks on how they plan to spend their time during the extended lockdown

Nishan Khatiwada

Oasis Thapa: A Nepali idol in the making

He has already gained a niche but loyal following and it is only a matter of time that he becomes a household name

Sunny Mahat

Windbreakers on the beach

Many a summer’s day was spent braced behind the windbreaker, or running screaming into the extremely cold North Sea, and building sand castles in the sand

Jackie Taylor

Achieve yogic health during Nepal lockdown

Limited physical movement weakens the body, and makes it susceptible to diseases. And high stress affects your mental health. Yoga could be an effective tool to maintain good physical and mental health

Arun Poudel

Nepali senior citizens weigh in on marijuana legalization

APEX talked to some senior citizens who were around when marijuana was legal: What do they make of the new legalization debate?

Sajira Shrestha

Nepal lockdown treats to make with kids

Whether you are under lockdown or just having a Saturday at home, here are some fun things you can make with your kids to keep them occupied and get some vital nutrients into them

Jackie Taylor

Social media challenges galore to beat corona blues

People dug out their friends’ old photos on Facebook and commented on them. This became a viral trend. People enjoyed seeing old pictures of friends and families striking funny poses. Photo: Sohel Maharjan

Sajira Shrestha

Quick questions with Sikshya Shakya

Sikshya Shakya. . Model/Architect


How 10 youngsters in Kathmandu are spending their shutdown...

How 10 youngsters in Kathmandu are spending their shutdown days

Sajira Shrestha

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