Five delicious dosa places in Kathmandu

Finding an authentic taste, and the best combination of dosa and sambar, might be tricky though | Photos: Mahendra Khadka

Kumudini Pant

Sabda Sangram gets Nepal rapping online

Participation doubled in a year and their YouTube channel, Sabda Sangram, where the show’s weekly episodes are uploaded, now has 188k views

Kumudini Pant

Muskan Khatun: Acid attack victims have a new crusader

She realized that great injustice was being done to victims who suffered for life while the attackers walked free after a few years in prison and led normal lives। Photos: Mahendra Khadka

Pratik Ghimire

Anuprastha: From high school freshers party to Nepal...

As Anuprastha prepares to release its third album “Nepal Swarga Bhanda Thulo Cha” in the near future, the band’s latest music video for “Samjhera Malai” is already being praised by new and old fans alike

Sunny Mahat

Khagendra Lamichhane: The writer-actor par excellence

This writer-actor-director rarely makes long-term plans. He likes to go with the flow. His success mantra? Put everything into what you do

Nishan Khatiwada

Representatives of eastern Nepal’s DIY musical culture

Retro Rocket from Itahari and Zero Brains from Dharan—who identify themselves as punk influenced indie-rock and emo-pop-punk respectively—are in Kathmandu, their first ever tour to the capital city। In photo: Retro Rocket

Sunny Mahat

Five places to have Korean food in Kathmandu

More and more Kathmanduites seem to be taking to Korean delicacies. Fancy a bite yourself? Here are five places to choose from। Photos: Mahendra Khadka

Nishan Khatiwada

Preetica T Mgr: Starting Young, Going Places

Following a diploma from Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, she’s become a singer, songwriter, composer and vocalist of the band Voodoo U

Kumudini Pant

Nawaraj Parajuli: In every beat a poem

An inspiration for many youths, Parajuli’s fans say his poems can heal wounds and energize people, while also offering invaluable life lessons

Nishan Khatiwada

Pariwartan: Cover artists to creators

Pariwartan released its debut single “Ma Chu” in July 2020 and has since been writing more music in preparation for its debut album । Photo: Samir Shrestha

Sunny Mahat

Mahabir Pun: Innovator, philanthropist—and TV presenter?

Pun’s loftiest vision was to arrange vocational training for rural folks so that they could be more employable, both at home and abroad


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