Throwing some light on the broken street lights

The campaign was launched on the International Open Data Day, with an ambitious goal of collecting data on 10,000 street lights of Kathmandu valley by engaging digital volunteers. YI-Lab came up with the idea of mapping street lights and helping local...

Akriti Manandhar

Quick retreat at Grand Norling Resort

Seventeen years into its establishment, the resort has always aimed to provide excellent hospitality at an affordable cost. Among its many features are air-conditioned rooms, a business center, and banquet facilities (Photos: Mahendra Khadka)


Weekend monsoon

"I’ve been surprised by the number of friends who are installing a/c in their homes this year." Monsoon clouds entering Kathmandu. As seen from the Shivapuri Hill on July 9 (Photo: Robin Neupane)

Jackie Taylor

Add zing to your life with this new fitness formula

I wanted to know how Priti Rai Shrestha became one of only a handful of properly trained female fitness instructors in the country

Jackie Taylor

Writer’s block

My ‘writers block’ has been brought on not by my inability to think of anything to write, but by not being able to access information at the right time

Jackie Taylor

Just completed your SEE? You may want to try one of...

Years in the pipeline, the last few months of the process can be incredibly stressful. So, at the end of it, three months of holidays is not only well deserved but also enough time for students to rejuvenate before they join high school


Kanchan Amatya wins the Diana Award

Kanchan Amatya wins the prestigious Diana Award


A queer state

What are the stories that make events like these so important for the community? What do they go through when they go back to their normal lives? To gain some insight, I sat down with some Pride Parade participants (Photos: Mahendra Khadka)

Prayas Tiwari

Little bundles of joy

Those of us who came of age in the 1990s and 2000s will never forget the unmitigated thrill of sweets in transparent wrappers with yellow letters


A pugilist’s paradise

The coaches have been forgoing their salaries, and with the benefactors, have instead been providing gloves and bandages to the athletes who cannot afford them (Photos: Mahendra Khadka)

Nirvik Thapa

The Ravibhawan jewel

Eating out at Perfect Foodland


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