Five beautiful books on friendship

Having just celebrated friendship day (July 30), I’m going to give my closest friends a book that celebrates the bond that we have. I might also sneak in a reread. Here are my top five picks

Keyur Basnet

“Rocketry: The Nambi Effect” movie review: Resurrection...

R. Madhavan as debut director has the maturity of someone directing films for decades

Sunny Mahat

Saturday morning leg-flexing at Shivapuri

The hike begins in earnest from the main entrance of Shivapuri National Park at Budhanilkantha, and it can take up to four hours to get to the top

Pratik Rayamajhi

Kanchhi Maiya Bhandari: Hot off her village kitchen...

Kanchhi Maiya Bhandari has gained quite a fan base with her delicious cooking contents that are hard not to ignore

Anushka Nepal

‘Book Lovers’ book review: Just another average romance

I didn’t hate Book Lovers but I was disappointed by it as it had nothing new to offer. It felt like a rehash of one of the many love stories I’ve read over the years

Keyur Basnet

‘Jaadugar’ movie review: A film you watch with your...

Although most of the cast puts up a convincing performance, Javed Jaffrey deserves a special mention

Sunny Mahat

Tuning into those around us

A natural subset to developing emotional intelligence is becoming aware of others’ feelings and needs

Aprajita Jha

Photo Feature | When Kathmandu heats up… you go ice-skating

Situated on the Maitighar-Bhadrakali cut-through road, Nepal’s first ice-skating rink is housed in what looks like a large storage building. There, children and adults alike can enjoy a great day without having to worry about the turbulent weather outside...

Pratik Rayamajhi

Harmita Shrestha: A gritty girl from Dharan comes of...

From driving a tempo to Sajha’s new electric bus, it has been quite a ride for Harmita Shrestha | Photo: Pratik Rayamajhi/ApEx

Didhiti KC

‘The Taking of Annie Thorne’ book review: Waste of...

Don’t get me wrong, the book wasn’t a complete waste of time. It just wasn’t very interesting

Keyur Basnet

‘Samrat Prithviraj’ movie review: A disjointed fictional...

What forced director Chandraprakash Dwivedi of the ‘Chanakya’ fame to undertake such a blatant commercialization of a history piece is the question

Sunny Mahat

Photo feature | The bronze sculpture-maker of Patan

There are several artisans at the workshop, each with a specific skill required to produce exquisite sculptures, but it is Shailendra Maharjan who designs the masterpiece and sculpts the visage of the deity being made | Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi/ApEx

Pratik Rayamajhi

Splitsvilla: A peek into the world of romance and heartbreaks

The Nepali version of the popular dating reality franchise from India will be aired on AP1 TV sometime between August and September

Anushka Nepal

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