Comedy of errors

More than a decade after vesting sovereignty in the people, free speech continues to be under threat


Who do our MPs serve?

This attempt of our MPs to suck their poor state dry is morally reprehensible


Shun terror, start talking

It is disingenuous of Chand to claim there has been no initiative for talks from the government’s side


Central mindset

The anti-federal views of the prime minister of the nascent federal republic are deeply troubling


Bills of wrongs

If the government was serious about solving genuine issues facing the Nepali media, it would first have consulted all stakeholders


Long road ahead for BRB

Bhattarai realizes Yadav is the front and center of the new party and he will be playing second fiddle


The growth curve

It would be an incomplete assessment of the Nepali economy if we don’t dig deeper into the new GDP numbers


The Lankan lesson

Nepal’s own security status is fragile, what with the open border and various semi-political armed groups operating in the country


Insecure on security

The government should immediately make the National Security Policy public and take it to the national parliament for further discussions


Brute justice

The compromised judiciary, instead of being neutral arbiters of disputes, will increasingly be beholden to their political masters


Gone with the wind

Rather than panic about likely failure to predict the next big one, there is a need for a sober analysis of what is realistically possible to forecast


Ultimatum to Biplob

Instead of making such ignoble threats, PM Oli, as head of government, should have been more conciliatory


Crude political tool

Rather than saddling the country with another costly transition via referendums, preserving post-2006 democratic gains should be the priority.


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