Editorial: Baluwatar protests: We won’t be silenced

Such acts of public defiance of government-imposed restrictions will only intensify in the days ahead. The protests on Tuesday are only a warning sign


Editorial: Whose budget?

This kind of centralized budget is sure to exacerbate the Covid-19 crisis and worsen the economic malaise


Editorial: Republic Day of Nepal

If the state cannot address people’s concerns, whether it is a feudal monarchy or a democratic republic is really irrelevant


Editorial: Get talking on Lipulekh—now!

There is no option but for the two countries to immediately engage at the highest level


Editorial: Missing urgency in Nepal

International evidence suggests cash handouts are the most effective form of support for low-income groups


Editorial: How will Nepal cope with returning migrants?

A new spurt of Covid-19 infection is likely if this first batch of returning migrant workers is not managed well

Biswas Baral

Editorial: Justice still afar for Nepal’s conflict...

The latest apex court move threatens to further complicate the transitional justice process


Editorial: PM Oli’s myopia grave risk for Nepal

Oli seems to have learned little from the self-inflicted wounds of Nepali ruling parties over the past three decades


Editorial: Nepal must not let down its guard

But one thing we as a country cannot do—never mind the rising level of restlessness—is to assume that we will get through this easily


PM Oli should understand Nepal’s priorities

Most people will rally around the PM at this time of crisis if they see he is serious about taming the corona beast


Nepal’s halfhearted corona response

Establishing a clear chain of command and constantly communicating the government intent and plans is vital

Biswas Baral

Editorial: Nepal’s lockdown rules

To keep public frustration in check, a clear and honest messaging is vital

Biswas Baral

Corona and Nepal: Still enough for everyone

Do everything to keep you and your family safe from the dreaded virus. But there as yet is no need to panic about your next meal

Biswas Baral

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