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Summer outfit ideas

Summer outfit ideas

The excruciatingly hot weather has us reaching for our baggiest, comfiest, cotton trousers and shirts. But as much as we would love to, we can’t always live in them. Work and social obligations mean we have to dress up. It can be difficult to plan different styles of outfits that look put together when all you really want is loose-fitting clothes and kaftans. Here are some easy ways to look cute this summer while staying cool.

 Invest in some dresses

Dresses are ideal for summer. They can up your style quotient without much effort while letting you feel the breeze on your body. Get some linen, cotton, or silk dresses in various cuts—from knee high to ankle length—and style them with boots, kitten heels, or even flats, depending on what you are in the mood for. There’s no right or wrong way to style a dress so have fun with it. When you don’t want to think too much, pair them up with chunky earrings or a cool bag and you are good to go. If you think your dress is too simple, pair it with a contrasting belt to make it the focal point of your look. Kurtis without slits can also work well as summer dresses for a weekend outing with friends.

Wide leg trousers to your rescue

Admit it, you can’t always wear a dress. Sometimes, you need to curate a more formal look. But jeans are a strict no when the temperature is soaring. Wide-leg trousers, or palazzos that cinch at the waist but have a flared bottom can come to your rescue. Paired with a formal shirt or even a tucked-in t-shirt, these bottoms can help you create a summer ensemble you can’t get enough of. Logo Fashion Industries has some super comfortable ones in a range of colors like peach, yellow, gray, and pastel blue among others. You can also find quite a selection if you are up for street shopping in New Road. Be prepared to hunt a little and don’t forget to bargain.

Boho is back

If you paid attention to any of the recent 2024 runway shows, you’ll know that boho is back and better than ever. That means fringe bags, flowy dresses, and slouchy boots dominate the summer. Rustic and handmade items in linen, denim, suede or crochet pieces work well for this look. Long, flowing cuts that add movement to the free spirited boho style are always a good alternative. Your boho wardrobe should have skirts, dresses, overalls, blouses and kimonos. These are staples that you can use to put together outfits for any occasion. We recommend printed blouses. Opt for flowery or geometric designs and the bigger, the better. It will give off a cool, summery vibe.

Embrace slouchy suiting

The slouchy suit is the summer’s answer to winter formals. Everyone from Dua Lipa to Deepika Padukone can be seen in them. You can pair them with shirts or a bralette and both will look equally chic. The particular style, over-sized in soft silhouettes, with dropped shoulders and swathing fabric can also look great when paired with relaxed garments, such as a white T-shirt or a tank top. You can accessorize it with baseball caps and sneakers or wear flip flops and a hat for a more bohemian look. We suggest you go thrift shopping for old blazers and coats that you can then pair with matching loose-fit pants.

Experiment, experiment, and experiment

The key to looking great is discovering your style and for that you must experiment. Go out of your comfort zone and change things up. If you are too scared to give yourself a style makeover, change one thing at a time. Perhaps you could wear a string top dress and style it with a really cool scarf and bangles if you aren’t comfortable wearing flowy fabrics to work. You might be surprised to find that something you thought you would never wear actually looks good on you. There are many Instagram pages that teach you neat tricks to level up a basic outfit. Check out fashion content on YouTube for pointers on how to look effortlessly chic.