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AMN, MRDF organize musical event

AMN, MRDF organize musical event

Annapurna Media Network (AMN) and the Music Research and Development Forum Nepal (MRDF) jointly organized a live musical performance on Friday in celebration of World Music Day and Yoga Day.

At the Tinkune-based AMN office, MRDF artists performed popular Nepali folk songs for media personnel using live instruments such as the flute, sarangi, madal, tungna, and guitar. The performers included Geeta Pandey, Rajesh Kumar Shrestha, KC Raja, Amrita Limbu, Sarad Rai, and Shubham Bhetwal.

Speaking at the event, Akhanda Bhandari, Editor-in-Chief of Annapurna Post, emphasized that music is closely intertwined with human life and should be considered an integral part of it. Shiromani Dawadi, Station Manager of Radio Annapurna Nepal, highlighted the significance of World Yoga Day and Music Day, noting that music brings joy and refreshment to both the mind and the brain.

Soman Sainju, a music promotion activist, added that the experience and feeling of musical performances, including live singing with instruments, help foster positive thinking.