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Interior décor trends of 2024

Interior décor trends of 2024

Your home is an extension of your personality. Often, it can dictate your mental state—the colors you choose can calm or energize you, and the decorative pieces you have on display will either motivate you or make you nostalgic. A lot of thought and work goes behind a house that looks effortlessly chic. A well put-together house, where everything looks just right, isn’t an overnight achievement. It happens little by little, piece by piece.

That said, interior design is an evolving process. There is no end to it. You are never done. It changes (as it should) depending on the season and festival. Many of my friends who are professional interior designers or are passionate about interior design always tweak their décor depending on their mood, the weather, and time of the year. A cousin has different carpets and throws for summer and winter. It sets the mood, she says. Summer calls for lighter fabrics while thicker materials are ideal for winter.

Every year there are décor trends that dominate the market. Sometimes mixing and matching patterns are all the rage while other times florals tend to dominate the scene. Though fashion and interior design often don’t intersect, I notice a lot of design ideas are influenced by runway trends. This year is all about quiet luxury—understated elegance that calls for attention due to its simplicity.

We are talking about dark woods, luxurious soft textures, and traditionally shaped furniture that you can probably pass down to your children by giving them a new life with re-upholstery. The focus also seems to be on underestimated areas of the house like the hallway and pantry. Instagram-worthy rooms with their fancy couches and neon signs with bold declarations are no longer in. Here are five timeless décor trends that are all the rage in 2024.

Green living for a fresh appeal

Green living is more than just a trend. It’s an important lifestyle choice. Sustainability has never been more important than now. As the mercury rises, we must choose natural ways to keep our homes adequately ventilated and thus cool. Eco-conscious interior design takes center stage in 2024 with nature inspired elements. Potted plants, keeping the windows bare to let the light stream in, and bamboo panes and blinds are some options to give your indoor space a cool, outdoorsy vibe.

A permanent home office

Remote work isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s an alternative that boosts productivity by cutting down on unnecessary distractions and commute time. And it looks like it’s here to stay as more companies and offices are allowing people to work from home. Creating an office space is now the need of the hour. You can’t be expected to work from the dining table or the living room couch if you want to strike a work-life balance. Invest in some ergonomic furniture and stylish, minimalistic pieces to make your workspace functional and inspiring.

Chunky accents for the oomph effect

We often clutter our homes with little knick-knacks and while artfully placed ones can add a lot of character to our space, there’s the risk of it looking a bit too cluttered and chaotic. Dusting also becomes quite tedious if you have too many decorative items around the house. The solution to this is to opt for big, chunky statement pieces like a large vase, a sculpture, or a large coffee table that can double as a centerpiece. They add a dash of quirkiness to any space while elevating its style quotient. Choose a focal piece and have a few smaller items around or on it.

Take your world outdoors

Nature and natural elements have become huge design trends in 2024. From cane and bamboo to jute and linen, natural textures are finding their way into our spaces. They are sustainable and easy to maintain as well. But instead of limiting ourselves to the use of natural elements indoors, taking ourselves outside, from the confines of the walls, is also an evolving aspect of décor—meaning outdoor spaces are being given as much attention as indoor spaces. So, look for ways to revamp your patio, balcony, and garden area. Outdoor, garden furniture like swings and low seating areas can add understated charm to a neglected area.

Play with colors

The all-white trend is timeless. But it’s apparently losing its appeal in 2024 due to maintenance issues. It’s often seen as sterile and lacking personality too. Decorators are opting for bolder colors to infuse character into a space. Accent walls in a range of browns, yellows, and blues are also gaining popularity. Don’t be scared to experiment. Choose a color or a color combination you like and play around with it. You can also add colors to your space in the form of fabrics like curtains and cushion covers if you aren’t bold enough to paint your walls a vibrant hue.