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Karl Wine: Music that moves, collaboration that inspires

Karl Wine: Music that moves, collaboration that inspires

Karl Wine is an emerging musical talent who has quickly made a name for himself with his energetic performances and music. Hailing from France, Wine has successfully collaborated with various international artists, expanding his reach and influence in the global music scene. His dedication to his craft and his passion for music are evident in his engaging stage presence and the enthusiastic response he consistently receives from fans. As Wine was in Nepal for Nepal Bike Day, Nesum Limbu from ApEx, talked to him about his Nepal visit and his music career.

How has your experience been so far in Nepal?

This is my first time in Nepal, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The warm weather is absolutely wonderful, and I’m delighted by the local cuisine, especially dal-bhat, which I could eat every day. I’m also captivated by the country’s supportive and close-knit community, where everyone treats each other like family. The culture is fascinating, and the sense of solidarity among the people is heartwarming. Being a nature enthusiast, I always thought I’d be here for the natural beauty, but I never expected to have the opportunity to collaborate with Nepali artists. Overall, I’m loving everything about my time here, from the scenery and the food to the culture and the people. This journey has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Can you tell us about your recent projects and any new music you’re working on?

Yes, there’s this song called ‘Paisa’ by the singer Kushal Pokhrel. He reached out to me to collaborate, and when I heard the song, I thought it was amazing. We’re planning to release an international remix of the song in a few weeks, and I’ll be shooting the video here in Nepal, which is really exciting. Another project currently in the works is an album that my friend and I are creating with only Nepali artists. It will feature international music but exclusively with Nepali talent, highlighting their unique styles and voices. Since many people recognize me from the song ‘Oh-Na-Na’, we’ve decided to name the album after my verse from the song ‘Asian Beauty’. Once the album is released, we have plans for extensive promotions not only here in Nepal but also in the United States. 

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Nepal? Have you come across any local artists or music styles that have caught your interest?

A lot, actually. The first time I heard Yabesh Thapa, I was captivated by his style. I love that he’s singing in Nepali but using international beats, rather than sticking to traditional music patterns. This unique approach really fascinated me. Their singing styles intrigue me with a softness and distinct quality unlike what I hear in Europe. Their sounds and word usage are compelling. Even without understanding the lyrics, I feel deeply connected to their music, as their emotion and expression transcend the language barrier. That’s why I believe the music scene in Nepal is truly fantastic. 

You’ve collaborated with some of the Nepali artists. Can you tell us how these collaborations came about?

I’ve always wished to work with Asian artists because I admired the mutual respect they have for each other, which is different from what I often see in Europe. When an artist from the Philippines reached out to me for a collaboration, I immediately agreed, and that’s how ‘Oh-Na-Na’ came to be. Four years later, I started receiving messages saying the song was very popular in Nepal. At first, I was skeptical since I wasn’t familiar with the music scene there. Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to look up some Nepali artists to see if I liked their work and could create new music with them. That’s when I came across Yabesh Thapa. I messaged him, expressing my interest in working together, and he responded saying he knew my song. This led to the idea of making a remix of ‘Oh-Na-Na’ with him. I also reached out to Sushant KC, proposing that he join us in the remix. We completed the song, and it became an instant hit in Nepal, with people all over the country participating in dance challenges. 

You recently performed at Nepal Bike Day. How was the experience performing at such a unique event, and what was the atmosphere like? Additionally, how did the audience react to your performance?

The event far exceeded my expectations. Initially, I was slated to perform just a few songs, and I was feeling quite nervous since it was a biker’s event. I had serious concerns that my vibe and musical style might not resonate with the biker crowd. However, those worries began to fade when Bizen went on stage before me, and the crowd went absolutely wild with excitement. When my turn finally came, the audience’s energy was even higher, and their enthusiastic response was overwhelming. It turned out to be not only a fantastic performance but also an amazing experience overall. The warm reception and the incredible atmosphere made it an unforgettable night, leaving me eager for more opportunities like this in the future.

Throughout your musical journey, what has been the most challenging aspect you’ve encountered? Moreover, what message do you aim to communicate through your music?

In the world of music, there are numerous obstacles, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge about the industry and the intricate process of creating music. These challenges can be quite daunting and overwhelming. My goal with my music is to bring joy and enjoyment to people from all walks of life. I want my audience to feel the urge to dance, to let loose, and to have fun. Through my songs, I aspire to help them temporarily forget their problems and immerse themselves in a world of sound that provides happiness and relief. When people listen to my music, I want them to experience a sense of freedom and exhilaration. I hope my melodies and rhythms can offer a respite from their daily stresses, giving them moments of pure, unadulterated joy. By creating an atmosphere of positivity and excitement, I aim to foster a connection with my listeners that transcends the ordinary, leaving them with lasting memories of happiness and enjoyment.