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Thames to organize Nepal Social Work Symposium

Thames to organize Nepal Social Work Symposium

Thames International College is organizing the Nepal Social Work Symposium on June 20-21 in Kathmandu, featuring prominent personalities, academicians, and members from civil society.

The Nepal Social Work Symposium is an annual event organized by Thames International College and the Social Work Club of Thames International College. This flagship event brings together distinguished individuals to discuss issues aligned with the annual theme of the Global Agenda of Social Work and Social Development.

The theme for 2024 is ‘Shared Future for Transformative Change’. The symposium aims to facilitate informed discussions on human relationships in Nepal and beyond from various perspectives, unbounded by disciplinary constraints. We believe that such local-level discussions can contribute to regional and global dialogues on the importance of human relationships. In this regard, the symposium serves as a platform for meaningful dialogue and potential collaboration among like-minded individuals and organizations.

The two-day event will gather leading experts, practitioners, intellectuals, and students to deliberate on various issues and ideas through interdisciplinary lenses relevant to our dynamic environment. It will also feature students showcasing their artistic expressions.

Academics, public intellectuals, civil society leaders, politicians, civil servants, non-profit professionals, activists, social workers, media personalities, entrepreneurs, business thinkers, strategists, technologists, economists, writers, poets, artists, and educators are invited as guest speakers.

This year, Thames is making an effort to invite speakers and address topics that resonate with young, aspiring students. High school students can participate as audience members and workshop participants. Students from undergraduate social sciences, business, and technology programs will particularly benefit from the ideas presented at the symposium.