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Policies and programs aim to fulfill national aspirations: Prime Minister

Policies and programs aim to fulfill national aspirations: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the government's policies and programs for the coming fiscal year aim to fulfill the national aspiration of building a prosperous Nepal.

He added that good governance, social justice for social and economic transformation towards socialism as specified by the constitution are the major topics contained in the policies and programs. Prime Minister Dahal came up with this view, responding to the amendments put by the lawmakers on the government's policies and programs. 

PM Dahal expressed his gratitude for the constructive suggestions and feedback received from the parliamentarians through the amendment proposal. "Parliamentarian Chitra Bahadur KC has submitted a 16-point amendment proposal on the proposed policies and programs, some of which require amending the language and wordings while some require additional amendments," he said, adding that the proposed amendments on health, education, labor, nationality and foreign policy headings are important.

He said that the government has emphasized on the development of a self-reliant agricultural economy, promotion of entrepreneurship, infrastructure development and job creation to develop the information technology sector as the main driver of production and productivity growth.

The Prime Minister also informed the House that some specific programs have been proposed for access to justice for the socially marginalized and oppressed classes.

Prior to this, lawmaker Prem Suwal proposed amendments to the proposed policies and programs on 48 points.

Prime Minister Dahal said that suggestions such as economic equality, social justice, development, nationalism, foreign policy, education, health, and investment promotion will be taken seriously in the proposed amendment.

"The government will insist on the immediate endorsement by the Parliament of the Bill on Khwopa College and some of the amendments are of the nature of amendment of the Constitution and Laws, therefore, require discussion in the Parliament," he said.  

Prime Minister Dahal assured that the amendments received from the parliamentarians on the proposed policies and programs will cover the additional issues mentioned in the annual budget statement the Government is to present in the Parliament on Jestha 15 (May 28).