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Indraprastha Apollo sets new standards in plastic surgery

Indraprastha Apollo sets new standards in plastic surgery

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi organized a press conference spotlighting monumental advances in plastic surgery techniques as a part of its initiative of providing advanced treatment.

The conference was organized with an aim to highlight the potential for growth in cosmetics and aesthetic procedures due to rising awareness and incomes in India.

The conference featured Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

He outlined training initiatives at prestigious institutes like Indraprastha Apollo aimed at developing skilled doctors to meet the increasing demand for competent specialists in this field.

The conference also highlighted the immense progress being made in plastic surgery. With rising demand and access paired with ethical, competency-focused training of doctors, Indraprastha Apollo stands poised to provide advanced treatment to people across India.

Over the past year, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has witnessed some challenging cases of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery and provided treatment via the advanced medical facilities available at the hospital. 

Addressing at the conference, Dr Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant, Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals says “We are honored to provide patients access to the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques in aesthetic beauty procedures. Whether slight touch ups or transformational reconstruction, we apply an ethical, safety-focused approach using the latest technology. Our goal is for every patient to not just look beautiful but feel restored in confidence,” he said, adding, “Our mission is not merely to perform surgical procedures, but to accompany patients on their unique journeys. We strive to provide them with the necessary support, guidance, and information to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to exceptional outcomes. By prioritizing patient empowerment and holistic well-being, we aim to help individuals not only thrive but flourish in every aspect of their lives”.