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A good habit for your well-being

A good habit for your well-being

Busy schedules and conflicting priorities can overshadow good health practices. But there are some simple, essential habits that can change your life and ensure good health in the long run. Aaradhana Shrestha spoke to three people to find out what was the one health behavior they swear by and how it impacts their lives.

Anurag Shrestha, 27

I think waking up early in the morning is one of the most important things regarding being healthy. It’s a challenge to wake up early. It’s also a discipline that most people take for granted. Waking up early is underrated in these modern times but it’s a good habit to adopt as there’s something about fresh morning air that’s instantly invigorating. I wake up very early and start my daily routine. I feel like I have more time on my hands and can achieve more on any given day when I wake up early.

Arpit Shrestha, 24

Quitting smoking and restricting alcohol use, as well as regular physical activity, are good health practices that I think everyone should embrace. Quitting smoking lowers the risk of a variety of illnesses and improves respiratory function, whilst limiting alcohol use can help avoid chronic ailments and boost mental health. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, helps with weight control, improves mood, strengthens the immune system, and can prolong life. Collectively, these practices lead to considerable improvements in general health and well-being.

Rohit Rai, 21

Taking care of your mental health is just as important for a happy and fulfilled life as your physical health. Gratitude practices, for example, have the power to dramatically improve mental health and happiness. You can tackle stress, build resilience, and cultivate an optimistic outlook in life by consistently recognizing and enjoying life’s positive elements. Being grateful for the little things can make a significant impact in your overall well-being.