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Sirohiya’s arrest deeply concerning : IFJ

Sirohiya’s arrest deeply concerning : IFJ

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the world’s largest organization of journalists, said on Thursday that the arrest of Kailash Sirohiya, chairman of Kantipur Media Group, “is deeply concerning, especially considering the ongoing investigative work focused on allegations of misconduct by the home minister.”

It stated that “investigations against journalists and media personnel cannot be informed by personal or political reasons, and authorities must ensure that Nepal’s commitments to press freedom are upheld.”

The IFJ noted that “the chairman’s arrest comes following a series of reports detailing allegations that Lamichhane had misappropriated millions of Nepali rupees in savings at a cooperative fund while he was the managing director of the Gorkha Media Network.”

Police arrested Sirohiya from his office at the KMG headquarters in Thapathali, Kathmandu on Tuesday. The police subsequently took him to Dhanusha, where a complaint was filed against him. The Dhanusha District Court on Wednesday remanded him for three days in custody.

Meanwhile, the Nepal National Committee of the International Press Institute (IPI) has voiced concerns regarding Sirohiya’s arrest. 

Sirohiya was arrested based on an arrest warrant issued by the Dhanusha District Court in connection with the discrepancies seen in his citizenship document.