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Mothers know best

Mothers know best

It’s said that God couldn’t be everywhere which is why he made mothers. A mother sacrifices her comfort and well-being for the sake of her child. Motherhood is a lifelong commitment filled with countless sacrifices and selfless love. So, let’s take a moment and celebrate the women who have shaped our lives. Whether they are biological mothers, adoptive mothers, or maternal figures who have stepped in to fill our lives with their boundless love. Rastrika Shakya from ApEx spoke with three people to find out what has been the best piece of advice they have received from their mothers so far.

Simran Shakya, 23

The best piece of advice I've ever received from my mamu is to never let anyone discourage you from pursuing what you want to do because there will always be those who don’t want to see your success. This keeps me going and helps me make decisions without the fear of judgments from society. Living far away from home, especially when you find home with your mother, can be difficult but the motivation keeps me going, and her advice always helps me give my best in everything I do no matter what’s happening around me.

Aanita Tuladhar, 51

My maa is a true form of God for me. Whenever life is hard, she is the one I turn to for the solution. She has always encouraged me to trust my instincts, capabilities, and intuition. She has made me able to believe in myself and, by believing in myself, I’ve learned to overcome self-doubt and take on new challenges with courage and determination. She has taught me responsibility and to never turn back from it. I have carried her advice with me all through my marriage. And now that I have a daughter, I often find myself giving her the same advice my mom used to give me.

Sameer Thapa, 35

Mothers are the ones who teach us our first lessons, wipe away our tears, and cheer us on through every step of our life. A mother’s love knows no bounds. My mom has supported me in every path of my life. Her supportive nature and unwavering trust make me believe in myself even during the toughest times. She always tells me to stay true to myself no matter what. This has helped me so much—to believe in what I do and what I actually want to achieve in life. Mothers are full of advice and experience. Never ignore them because it’s precious.