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What would make our education system better?

What would make our education system better?

Education is the foundation of personal growth and empowerment, enabling people to pursue their aspirations and make meaningful contributions to society. But is education in Nepal shaping our futures in the way it should and putting us on the right track? Rastrika Shakya from ApEx talked to three people to find out what changes they would like to see in our education system.

Preeti Karniyar

When it comes to recognizing the current challenges and opportunities, there are various potential areas to focus on such as infrastructure development, vocational training, community engagement, and teacher training. But, in my opinion, curriculum enhancement is one of the most important areas, as it reflects our education standards.

Moreover, with modern educational practices and standards, integrating technology into the curriculum could help students develop digital literacy skills and opportunities for the coming days of artificial intelligence. Enhancing the curriculum offers students with interdisciplinary learning opportunities that indirectly help develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Pushpa Bhandari

The recent appointment of Sumana Shrestha as the education minister is promising. In comparison to the past, education in Nepal is a lot better. The free and compulsory education act ensures that students across Nepal receive basic education. Kathmandu mayor Balen Shah has created the provision of scholarships for high school students, and many institutions have been authorized to run international courses such as the IB and A levels. But there are still some gaps and loopholes in the education system. As a BA student under the TU curriculum, I constantly find my exams being delayed and results being published late. In many cases, exam papers have been lost and all of that is extremely disheartening.

Krish Dangol

Nepal’s education system is progressing, with increasing awareness among people about the importance of education. However, the country’s diverse socio economic landscape presents challenges, as not everyone can afford the expenses associated with good education. It’s concerning to observe schools imposing high fees under various guises such as sports, transportation, and library charges, even at the primary level, which is unacceptable.

One crucial change I would like to see is reforming the education system to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to quality education. Education is a fundamental right for all, and it’s imperative to provide adequate facilities and ensure accessibility for students despite their backgrounds.