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Nepse surges by 0. 07 points on Monday

Nepse surges by 0. 07 points on Monday

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) gained 0.07 points to close at 1,980.34 points on Monday.

Similarly, the sensitive index surged by 1.14 points to close at 351. 95 points.

A total of 7,341,177-unit shares of 317 companies were traded for Rs 2. 95 billion.

Meanwhile, Pokhara Finance Ltd. (PFL) and Janaki Finance Company Limited (JFL) were the top gainers today, with their price surging by 10. 00 percent. Likewise, People's Power Limited (PPL) was the top loser as its price fell by 6.00 percent.

At the end of the day, total market capitalization stood at Rs 3. 14 trillion.