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PM calls for connecting Nepalis across the world by means of language and culture

PM calls for connecting Nepalis across the world by means of language and culture

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has called upon the Nepali speakers and the people of Nepali origin residing in various countries of the world to invest the skills, knowledge and capital they have earned for Nepal.

PM Dahal made this call in a meeting with a delegation of the Association of Nepali Origin (ANO) at his official residence in Baluwatar today.

Stating that although of different nationalities, the campaign of linking all the Nepali-speaking and Nepali-origin people throughout the world is positive, he urged bringing the Nepali speakers throughout the world together through this campaign, as the mother or the fatherland is the same.

The PM said the ANO's campaign of connecting the Nepalis spread across the globe by means of language and culture is positive, pledging the necessary support on behalf of the government for the success of the campaign.

A gathering, on March 19, of Nepali speaking people from various countries around the world held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, constituted the ANO with the goal of uniting the Nepali race and preserving the Nepali language and culture.

Thanking the ANO for running the campaign of connecting the Nepali speakers by means of art and culture, Prime Minister Dahal expressed his best wishes for a new campaign.

ANO President Dilliram Adhikari expressed gratitude to the government for the cooperation and best wishes received so far from the government, and expected the same in the days to come. "We will take ahead this campaign as the ambassador of the Nepali language, art and culture throughout the world. At the same time, the campaign will further contribute to the nation's development, preserving and publicizing the 'Nepaliness', connecting the future generation to Nepal," he asserted.

The organization will likewise encourage the Nepali investors living abroad to put investment in Nepal's education, health and other sectors and to carry out social works in the country where their ancestors' identity is linked.

The ANO delegation consisted of its vice-president Sushil Kumar Panta, general-secretary Chudamani Bhattarai among other office-bearers.

The Bangkok gathering representing the Nepali origin social campaigners from 27 countries of the world was transformed into the ANO's First Convention and a 54-member working committee was formed under Dilli Adhikari, a Nepali origin social worker born in Bhutan and currently living in the USA.