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Voices of change

Voices of change

What do youths want? This is an invaluable question Nepal must think about and address as youths are the driving forces of transformation and a better tomorrow. Rastrika Shakya from ApEx spoke to three young people to find out what change they would like to see in their communities and local areas.

Rahita Shakya, 21, Patan

In the Newar community, there’s a tradition of hosting a bhoj (party) seven days after a person’s death. But I believe it’s time for a change. Instead of focusing on lavish gatherings, we could redirect our efforts towards helping the bereaved in more meaningful ways, such as emotional support and practical assistance. By shifting the emphasis away from extravagant rituals, we can promote a culture of compassion and empathy, fostering stronger bonds within the community. This change would not only alleviate financial burdens but also encourage a more compassionate and supportive environment during times of loss.

Ishta Dangol, 22, Dallu

One change I’d like to see in my local community is more green spaces. It would be amazing to have more parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets where people can relax, exercise, and connect with nature. Green spaces not only enhance the beauty of the community, they also provide various health and environmental benefits. Having more green spaces would make our community a more vibrant and livable place. People are cooped up inside their homes, watching television, or on their phones and laptops. This can have both physical and mental repercussions. So, it’s very important to provide education and resources to community members about the benefits of green spaces, and how to use and maintain them responsibly and sustainably.

Bijen Tuladhar, 21, Bungamati

One thing I’d like is a place where people can easily throw their garbage, especially when it gets dark, as it can be difficult to walk around safely. It’s important because some people throw trash in public areas, which makes the environment dirty and can cause health problems, especially for children who play outside. Everyone in the community needs to be aware of this. Throwing garbage not only pollutes the surroundings but also harms the people living in the area.

Another important improvement would be to fix up the Rato Machindranath Temple, which was damaged during the 2015 earthquake. This temple is important to many people, and it’s sad that it’s been abandoned for so long. It will take the help of the government, local people, and leaders to rebuild it and make sure it’s taken care of for future generations to enjoy.