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Guvaju and Nepali grab gold medal

Guvaju and Nepali grab gold medal

Sagar Guvaju achieved an impressive feat by clinching the gold medal at the ‘National Capital Open Taekwondo Championship’ held on March 9 in Virginia State, USA. Facing formidable opponents, Guvaju displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the competition.

The journey to the gold medal was not an easy one for Guvaju, as he engaged in intense battles with three talented athletes. In the quarterfinals, he emerged victorious against a skilled competitor from Korea. Undeterred, Guvaju continued his winning streak in the semifinals and finals, triumphing over athletes hailing from different states in the USA.

Notably, Sanjiv Nepali also made a significant impact by securing the gold medal in the Poomsae Category Under 40. Recognized for his outstanding performance, Nepali was bestowed with the prestigious title of ‘Everest World Class Taekwondo’. Both Guvaju and Nepali have solidified their positions as state champions and have earned the privilege of representing their skills at the upcoming USA National Championships.

The championship attracted a diverse and competitive field, with over 500 athletes participating from various corners of the globe. The sheer scale of the event underscores the significance of Guvaju and Nepali’s achievements, highlighting their prowess on an international stage. 

As they look forward to the USA National Championships, these taekwondo champions carry the pride of their victories and the responsibility of showcasing their skills at a higher level of competition.