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Nepse suspends trading after 6 percent surge

Nepse suspends trading after 6 percent surge

The share trading has been suspended for today after the Nepal Stock Exchange index surged by 6 percent.

The Nepse benchmark index had increased by 4 percent immediately after trading opened in the share market today.

According to Nepal Stock Exchange Limited, trading was shut for 20 minutes for the first time following an upswing of the NEPSE index by 4 percent. It was suspended for 40 minutes a second time today after the index witnessed an uptick of 5 percent.

Today's trading was suspended following an increase in the Nepse index by 6 percent again, Nepse spokesperson Murahari Parajuli said. 

The Nepse index climbed by 117.70 points and reached 2078 points in today's trading.

The share price of five various companies has seen a positive circuit.

A total of 934, 919-units of shares of 237 companies were traded in the share market today with a total turnover of Rs 375 million.

The share prices of 230 companies climbed while that of only two companies slumped in the share trading today.