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Nobel Prize winner Roberts visits PU

Nobel Prize winner Roberts visits PU

The Nobel Laureate, Sir Richard John Roberts, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1993, visited Pokhara University on Friday. The event was organized by Pokhara University in cooperation with Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST) and Pokhara University Research Center (PURC).

During his visit, Sir Roberts shared his experiences from his professional journey in the field of medicine with nearly 80 students. He discussed techniques related to nutrition security, food security, controlling environmental pollution, and eliminating poverty through the proper use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). He presented various facts and data concerning Genetic Engineering, Bacillus, Golden Rice, beta-carotene in grain, and more.

In his interaction with the students, the Nobel Laureate suggested that the government of Nepal formulate policies and programs to encourage the application of genetic engineering for the production of goods and services. He emphasized that such initiatives would be beneficial in terms of health, environment, and finance.

The program was attended by key figures such as Registrar of Pokhara University, Deepak Bahadur Bhandari, Dean of Faculty of Health Science, Amar Nagila, Executive Director of International Relation Center, Umesh Singha Yadav, and Executive Director of Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology, Dhaka Ram Bhandari, along with students from Pokhara University.