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The power of storytelling

The power of storytelling

Books, movies, and TV shows have the power to inspire people in various ways. They can spark creativity, provoke thoughts and emotions, and even motivate people to take action or pursue their dreams. Whether it’s through relatable characters, gripping storylines, or thought-provoking themes, storytelling in all its forms has the potential to deeply impact and inspire audiences. Rastrika Shakya from ApEx talked to three people to find out which book or movie has deeply impacted them.

Ravi Shahi, Managing director, PRV entertainment

I read a book by Jim Blyth called ‘100 Great Marketing Ideas’ and it taught me a lot of things. The book discusses the real ideas implemented by big organizations and it’s inspiring. Marketing ideas should be relatable, and consumers should be able to connect with them. This book has marketing ideas extracted from some of the world’s best companies. Reading the book affected how I approached things. It changed the way I broke down my ideas and thoughts.

Pragya Shrestha, Photographer

Stand by Me is a coming-of-age film by Rob Reiner. It’s a universally appealing film that people of all ages can relate to. Even though we may not have experienced similar outdoor adventures or grown up in a small town, the plot transports us back to a time when we were learning new things about the world and defending our friends when they were in trouble or running with them when we were caught playing in our neighbors’ gardens. Stand by Me focuses on these memories and it’s not just about the adventure in itself but the timeless bond between friends.

Sravya, Singer/Artist

I’m not much of a reader but two books ‘Karma’ and ‘Death’, both by Sadhguru, have been life changing for me. Karma is a book about karma, not the so-called karma from the West that we are used to hearing about. Karma in the East has always been defined as action. As Sadhguru describes karma is action. And our life is our karma. So the book karma is essentially about the intricacies of how karma works in our life and how we can learn to take charge of it. And Death, as the blurb declares, is ‘a book for everyone who will die’. It provides a lot of insights into death that can help you navigate the complex emotions that come when you think of it.


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