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Good reads

Never Lie

Freida McFadden


Newlyweds Tricia and Ethan are searching for the house of their dreams. But when they visit the remote manor that once belonged to Dr. Adrienne Hale, Tricia happens upon a secret room. One that contains audio transcripts from every single patient Dr Hale has ever interviewed. As Tricia listens to the cassette tapes, she learns about the terrifying chain of events leading up to Dr. Hale’s mysterious disappearance. And then Tricia reaches the final cassette. The one that reveals the entire horrifying truth.

100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet

Pamela Paul

Essays |​​​​​​ Humor

In one hundred glimpses of that pre-Internet world, Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, presents a captivating record, enlivened with illustrations, of the world before cyberspace—from voicemails to blind dates to punctuation to civility. There are the small postcards, the blessings of adolescence largely spared of documentation, the Rolodex, and the genuine surprises at high school reunions. But there are larger repercussions, weaker memories, the inability to entertain oneself, and the utter demolition of privacy.

Sorrow and Bliss

Meg Mason


Martha knows there is something wrong with her but she doesn’t know what it is. Her husband Patrick thinks she is fine. Martha told Patrick before they got married that she didn’t want to have children. He said he didn’t mind. By the time Martha finds out what is wrong, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s too late to get the only thing she has ever wanted. Or maybe it will turn out that you can stop loving someone and start again from nothing—if you can find something else to want.


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