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Love through the ages: Different paths to lasting relationships

Love through the ages: Different paths to lasting relationships

Love is a magical thread that brings people together. It’s the purest connection, an essence that ignites our very existence. Imagine sharing your life with someone you love for the rest of your life. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a beautiful dance of nature as we hold each other’s vulnerabilities dear and embrace our true selves with open hearts. Rastrika Shakya from ApEx talked to three people to find out what they think of love and how their love has evolved over the years.

Narayan Maharjan, 52

I was 19 when I met my wife. Thirty-three years later, our bond remains the same. It’s even stronger today. Since ours was a love marriage, we were comfortable around each other and there weren’t many awkward moments. But we came from different backgrounds. Despite it, we navigated the challenges with grace, we taught each other, and we learned from each other. Three years into our marriage, our son was born, and now we have a son and a daughter. Through the decades, we’ve weathered many storms together, yet my love for her remains the same. With each passing day, my affection for her grows. Her guidance has lightened my burdens, making life infinitely more manageable. There’s no need for a special day to express my love for her because every day spent with her is inherently special. She has a way of making each day extraordinary, just by being herself.

Bini Maharjan Dangol, 42

It has been 20 years since our marriage. We are blessed with two beautiful daughters and a son. Ours was an arranged marriage, and I vividly recall how shy he was around me. I’m grateful for how our arranged marriage blossomed into a profound love connection. We invested time in each other, allowing our bond to deepen and our understanding to grow.

For me, love must flow in both directions. It requires a mutual understanding and respect. If the other person doesn’t value your perspectives, it’s not love but compulsion. I would advise the younger generation not to reveal everything about themselves too quickly. Someone who may not have your best interests at heart could take advantage of you. Take the time to get to know each other. The journey is more enjoyable when stories unfold slowly, and the anticipation builds as you get to know each other better.

Rajkumar Nepali, 46

For me, love is something you see and feel. Unless you can see or feel a person the way they want to be seen or felt, it’s not love. When you love a person, you have the ability to hear their silence, feel their emotions, and read their eyes. That’s when you know you are in love.

I was 20 years old when I got married to my wife. It’s been 26 years, yet it still feels like yesterday. Time goes by so fast, and growing old together is the best feeling. I can see a huge difference in our love over these 26 years. My love for her today is even stronger and continues to grow as time passes by. What I’ve learned is that your partner is your strongest support system, the one who will stick by you no matter what, and you have to honor that.


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