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Address Chief Ministers’ concerns, PM tells Singhadurbar

Address Chief Ministers’ concerns, PM tells Singhadurbar

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has directed federal government ministers to promptly address concerns relating to the implementation of federalism coming from provincial governments. 

Addressing a meeting of chief ministers of all seven provinces with the Council of Ministers in Singha Durbar on Thursday, the PM said, “Full implementation of federalism is our collective responsibility. You (ministers at the Center) have well understood the worries and concerns of chief ministers. Take them seriously.”

He expressed confidence that active and energetic chief ministers will make a significant contribution toward implementation of federalism, adding that his government has accorded it special priority.

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Surendra Raj Pandey said federal ministers and lawmakers should be equally responsible for the implementation of federalism by taking the PM’s steps toward that end seriously. He thanked the PM for his initiation in operating the Korala transit point and drew the attention of the Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport toward a prompt construction of Muglin-Pokhara and Narayangadh-Butwal roadways.

Madhes Province’s Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav urged the Ministry of Finance for the operation of Chhoti customs offices on the border with India. Pointing out to the acute problem of irrigation and drinking water in Madhes, he urged the federal government to take initiatives for resolving these problems. “Let us run irrigation projects with joint investment from the Center and provinces, and increase the productivity in Tarai-Madhes,” he suggested.

Karnali Province’s Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma sought a review regarding delays in the implementation of federalism.  

Stating that Karnali is still grappling with problems of electrification, reliable irrigation facilities and weak telecom services, Sharma advised all federal ministries to focus more on addressing these problems.

Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Province Kamal Bahadur Shah, lauding the ‘PM’s initiatives in implementing federalism’, said federal ministers should match the PM’s efforts with theirs. He said a centralized mindset is mainly responsible for the delay in implementing federalism.

“Important agreements have been made regarding the development of Sudur Paschim during the Prime Minister’s official visit to India. Development of the province has been given due priority in the incumbent government’s term alone. I thank the Prime Minister for this,” he said.

Bagmati Province Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel said federal ministries should delegate powers to provinces sooner than later, urging the bureaucracy to unlearn the ‘unitary mindset’ while implementing federalism.

Lumbini Province Chief Minister Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary applauded the PM’s initiation toward effective enforcement of federalism. “Federalism is our collective achievement and we have to shoulder the responsibility of implementing it.” 

Koshi Province Chief Minister Kedar Karki urged federal ministers to internalize the PM’s spirit regarding the implementation of federalism. He urged the ministers not to hesitate to devolve power to the provinces.

Provincial wants

  • Shedding of unitary mindset and devolution of powers
  • Steady electricity supply, reliable irrigation, telecom and water supply services
  • Irrigation projects with joint investment from the Center and provinces 
  • Revival of Chhoti customs offices