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Trends that are game changers

Trends that are game changers

As we navigate through the currents of change, certain trends emerge as particularly interesting and impactful, influencing the way we connect, create, and engage with the world around us. From shifts in societal attitudes to advancements in technology, the trends unfolding in various domains offer insights into the collective pulse of our global community. Evana Manandhar from ApEx talked to three individuals, capturing diverse perspectives on the evolving landscape.

Pranjal Pokharel

The remarkable solidarity exhibited by the younger generation in opposing acts of terror in Palestine and championing a call for peace is a deeply impactful and inspiring trend. It transcends political, racial, and religious divides, revealing a collective commitment to a world free from violence and destruction. The sheer number of individuals expressing their disapproval of such acts, irrespective of their backgrounds or affiliations, is a testament to the unifying power of shared human values. 

This movement serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the potential for positive change when diverse voices unite for a common cause. The global wave of empathy and advocacy for peace not only sheds light on the urgency of addressing conflicts but also underscores the capacity of the younger generation to bring transformative societal shifts. In a world often marked by division, this trend represents a heartwarming testament to the universal desire for a more compassionate and harmonious future.

Bibek Duwal​​​​​​​

In graphic design, one intriguing and impactful trend is the rise of minimalist and sustainable design principles. Many designers are embracing simplicity and eco-consciousness, creating visually striking yet clean and straightforward designs. This movement reflects a broader cultural shift toward mindfulness and sustainability, with designers opting for minimalistic aesthetics that convey messages efficiently while reducing environmental impact.

Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the design landscape has become a captivating and transformative force. Designers are exploring innovative applications of AI to enhance creativity and streamline workflows. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks or leveraging AI algorithms to analyze user preferences, this trend is reshaping the design process. The infusion of AI also holds the potential to revolutionize personalized user experiences, providing designers with powerful tools to create adaptive and context-aware designs. As a graphic designer, staying attuned to these trends not only allows for continuous adaptation but also opens up exciting possibilities for pushing the boundaries of creative expression in the digital era.

Sadee Shakya 

The rise of the minimal makeup trend marks a notable departure from more elaborate and transformative beauty routines. This shift places a premium on achieving a natural and healthy look that enhances features rather than masking them. Embracing minimalism in makeup has become a powerful avenue for self-expression, allowing individuals to project a genuine and authentic image that aligns with their personal aesthetic preferences.

Beyond its visual appeal, the minimal makeup trend has had a transformative effect on attitudes towards beauty. It fosters a sense of confidence and self-acceptance, encouraging individuals to appreciate and celebrate their unique features. Renowned makeup artists specializing in this trend further propel its popularity, emphasizing that beauty can be found in simplicity. This trend’s enduring nature lies in its ability to transcend age and cultural boundaries, resonating with a diverse audience seeking a timeless and universally appealing approach to beauty.