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Customs’ holes a boon for smugglers

Customs’ holes a boon for smugglers

The first responders at border points like international airports or land borders are customs officers. However, it appears that those tasked with being our first line of defense haven’t fully grasped the motivations behind gold smuggling. It’s crucial for these officers to comprehend the mechanics of smuggling before addressing it, and this gap in understanding is significant.

Furthermore, suspicions have arisen regarding the involvement of customs officers themselves in certain gold smuggling cases. This raises questions about their integrity and contributes to the escalation of smuggling activities. Our customs system is largely manual and lags in technological advancements. When these human resources go corrupt, it becomes easier for smugglers to operate. Additionally, the Immigration and Customs Departments have not adequately developed profiles of smugglers, making it easier for them to go undetected.

These factors serve as strong motivations for smugglers, showing that stringent laws alone are insufficient in curbing smuggling.

The author is a former DIG of Nepal Police