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What are your greatest strengths?

What are your greatest strengths?

Our strengths define who we are. It often dictates how we behave and deal with issues that arise in our personal and professional lives. Evana Manandhar from Apex spoke to three people, from different backgrounds, to find out how their strengths shape who they are.

Samishan GC, Actor

In the pursuit of an acting career, cultivating unwavering patience and maintaining a perpetual learning mindset are indispensable. Enduring years of struggle refines these qualities, forming a bedrock for success. The entertainment industry’s competitiveness demands resilience, emphasizing the importance of waiting for that pivotal opportunity. This patient approach is complemented by a continuous commitment to learning and skill development. As time unfolds, these accumulated skills, nurtured through years of training and experience, become a potent arsenal for seizing the spotlight. The actor’s journey is an intricate interplay of time, patience, and a relentless pursuit of improvement, ultimately converging into a narrative of triumph shaped by dedication and perseverance.

Rit Gautam, Cricketer

Discipline is a superpower that helps you work hard, follow through with your goals, and stay on track especially when it gets tough. It isn’t just your professional career’s demand but also a quality that makes your personal life rewarding and stable. Being a professional cricketer at a very young age forced discipline into me which gradually showed me how I was growing as a human being. It helped me to tackle challenges with ease, and with high emotional maturity.

As a professional cricketer, handling high-pressure situations and thriving in them is a strength that you must have. The ability to stay poised during an intense situation with high pressure is crucial because it enables individuals to maintain their composure and make rational yet effective decisions.

Sujal Shakya, Test Automation Engineer 

Communication is the lifeblood of relationships, the bridge that connects us to others, and the catalyst for growth and understanding. Professionally, I consider my strong communication skills to be a key strength. I excel in gathering information by communicating with concerned individuals, breaking barriers, and finding effective solutions, which has been evident in my previous roles where I successfully dug into each module of the application and documented it.

On a personal level, my ability to communicate and collaborate allows me to build positive relationships with people. At work, this skill helps me contribute to a positive work environment. My friends and family know me for my sense of humor. I know how to cheer people up and make them comfortable and that has always helped my friends and family seek me whenever they need to talk.

In an increasingly interconnected world, communication has become more critical than ever. It’s the key to unlocking our potential, both personally and professionally. By embracing the art of articulation, we can build stronger relationships, achieve shared goals, and contribute to a more harmonious and understanding world.